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BCDiploma integrates Microsoft for Startups program

The BCDiploma team is proud to announce a major step forward in its development: we are part of the Microsoft For Startup program, an exclusive program that delivers best-in-market cloud services to the top startups in the world. As a Microsoft for Startups member, we have exclusive benefits including access to Microsoft tools, free Azure cloud credits, technical support and events. With this collaboration, BCDiploma is gaining the trust of a global player and taking a decisive step forward in its development strategy.

Learn more about the program: Grow, Build and Connect with Microsoft for Startups. “We are committing $500M over the next two years to offer joint sales engagements with startups, along with access to our technology, and new community spaces that promote collaboration across local and global ecosystems.”

Microsoft has selected only about sixty startups in France since the beginning of the year.

Why Microsoft ?

  • Microsoft is a trusted player in the world of education, where it is often already present (notably via Office365) in higher education institutions, our core target. In addition, the Azure cloud perfectly meets our needs for technical innovations with some of these exclusive components, such as KeyVault. As such, the choice of Microsoft Azure was fully justified when implementing the first version of BCDiploma.
  • Microsoft Azure credits will allow us to immediately offer our first customers a level of availability, service quality and response times that are equivalent to the level of a fully technologically mature application. They will also enable developers to implement high quality test and acceptance environments, which are crucial for quality in production. These first feelings are important in this sector where seriousness and reputation are essential to be successful.
  • Lastly, this initiative is the logical follow-up of our exchanges with Microsoft teams, on education business development, technological and innovation topics, and a step forward to become co-seller.
Click and read “Certified Diplomas” in Le Figaro, France number 1 newspaper!

Stay tuned!

Blockchain Certified Data SAS is a start-up developing EvidenZ, an innovative B2B solution for blockchain-based certification of data. We create the new global certification standard, with the first use case Diplomas certification: BCDiploma. Application has already been launched with several paying clients (schools, colleges, universities and companies). Our objective, allow each graduate, throughout his or her life, to prove the authenticity of his/her diploma in a single click.

Visit BCdiploma | Blockchain Digital Credential website: https://www.bcdiploma.com
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More than 100 institutions use EvidenZ to secure and enhance their digital credentials| BCdiploma is its first use case, dedicated to academics.

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