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$BCDT: The end of Loopring Incentive for a new beginning!

The incentive campaign initiated by Loopring at the beginning of April 2021 was the biggest incentive from EvidenZ so far.
We made a total distribution of 340,000 $BCDT over 6 months.

The initial plan was to increase the outreach of EvidenZ and to make easier and costless to buy $BCDT on Ethereum’s first zkRollup Layer2. However, Loopring changed a lot during that time, and they delayed multiple times the last rounds of the incentive as it was first design. So we decide, it was time to reward all the liquidity providers currently in the pool ourself with the distribution of 20,000 $BCDT and to prepare the future!

Distribution of rewards

The rewards will be manually distributed directly on the L2 Loopring by our team, in proportion to the amount contributed in the pool.

Here are all the eligible addresses according to a Loopring snapshot taken the 16 December 2021 earlier this month:

  • 0x866c521883bc8cb7c59769e2a06ef38cc685915e
  • 0xd9c6c434e7ec14021e49916cd3d845a87a39f89a
  • 0xe65f3930aa2cc8711ef0d8c2244978a7f4a66c6a
  • 0xeead3e6ac0f1175731a38fbe2726f9dab6c769ae
  • 0x36bf95fbd49a9bd3febe597f37a520695a285314
  • 0x36558d19324a1af2236cbb506277b22f2182c352
  • 0x610d6670739068977789d9708e1e8354a53d586b
  • 0x7c1caac71e28211d0a49aeb5ca8d6760fd27cf3b
  • 0x0cc98649d23528a46bd24a37d236f831bdea785e
  • 0x0089cb1465b4d5e93c0d196f373de72748668dfd
  • 0x39dc119864c17968b9f06887678a90ef1942f442
  • 0x654422220ef2cbc3fdac131489f68401af00e575
  • 0xc248f9b1451067d8c55296f256b51a25d5b7abd6
  • 0xc917d70fff17abd6ced60b77f0be6253de10ed26
  • 0xcdecc6c238c97e872ad0b0265ead507a803264b3
  • 0x752f8276ed7400f2fa7cec501e614751f6d8f4cc
  • 0x4229811f18d96e2fbad5e6fea027b6cd2ffa5ba7
  • 0x74874b09e16e1bf3c116df3fa64ba6f29bd91c42

60,000 BCDT to be distributed

We still aim to expand the community of $BCDT holders by encouraging them to bring liquidity to the token over the long run. The last few month, we saw new blockchains complete or overcome the L2 solution on Ethereum. The BSC and Avalanche are both new viable solutions we want to utilize and maximize completly.

We are currently working on set up the new incentives on Avalanche with differents partners in order to distribute the remaining 60,000 BCDT as we promised. And probably more...

Thank you for your trust in our project, take care.

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