EvidenZ-BCdiploma partners with Aleph, leading decentralized storage technology

Jarry-lacombe Luc
Aug 21, 2020 · 2 min read
Evidenz and Aleph are two players at the forefront of decentralized storage and certification, major challenges in the development of the blockchain industry

EvidenZ, the BCdiploma framework, is proud to announce its collaboration with Aleph, leading project in decentralized storage and infrastructures.

Thanks to EvidenZ, BCdiploma markets a B2B SaaS solution that allows any institution to issue the latest generation of blockchain certificates. BCdiploma is a forerunner in terms of respecting private data stored on a blockchain. It enables the authentication, security and storage of credential data. Students, graduates and citizens thus have lifetime authentic certificates that can be freely used and instantly verified without any procedure.

BCdiploma is deployed in more than 90 institutions in twelve countries with the following use cases: diplomas, academic and continuing education certificates, certified Open Badges, notarial certificates, ISO certificates.

Aleph has proved itself to be a superior technology when it comes to decentralized infrastructures and especially data storage.

As the security of certifications is one of the Evidenz priorities, the capability of storing important data on a secured decentralized network was a no brainer for us, and Aleph our first choice.

Aleph offers large capabilities to the EvidenZ framework, especially the way to connect to other blockchains without friction, or store any kind of objects in a real decentralized manner.

Aleph at the same time will benefit from our EvidenZ framework and will be able to offer our services and the ability to build on it to their users.

As we were focused on our core business, joining forces with Aleph opens our company new use cases without having to spend tons of resources on it, as Aleph network is already live and functional.

Both companies share the same spirit, work hard and deliver. Both technologies and companies fit very well together and we are pretty sure more will come soon from this partnership.

We would like to thank our growing and incredible community for its continuous support.

All our efforts have always been focused on making our company a success and our token the fuel of it. Without you, we wouldn’t be here, and it’s just the beginning.

To learn more about BCDT, the ERC20 token of the EvidenZ-BCdiploma framework: https://www.evidenz.io/bcdt-token.html

Find here the EvidenZ-BCdiploma and Aleph teams:

EvidenZ, https://t.me/BCDiploma

Aleph, https://t.me/alephim


The ultimate certification technology on the blockchain

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