The University of Lille and emlyon business school launched with BCdiploma and ARK the ARKeducation blockchain

Mar 30, 2020 · 3 min read

Driven by the values of sustainable development, these institutions implemented the first version of an open source, low-energy blockchain developed by Its first application will be the certification of diplomas, academic certificates and skills thanks to Open Badges, via the platform, which deployed its “dApp” (distributed application) on this new blockchain.

Three nodes, in addition to the initial nodes managed by ARK, ensure consensus at the University of Lille, BCdiploma and ARK. The initial consensus algorithm chosen for ARKeducation is also a DPoS but where users can only vote for 1 delegate and where the 5 delegates with the most votes ensure consensus (see the arguments of François-Xavier Thoorens, co-founder of ARK, on this choice of single vote)” says Pierre Boulet, Vice-President Digital Transformation at the University of Lille, in this article (french version).

The blockchain is disrupting the economy and industry. For education, this technology inspires internationally, the project that every citizen can securely retrieve and share online, at any time in life, his/her learning achievements, diplomas, skills or certificates of continuing education in the form of digital certificates.

“The University of Lille has already started setting up its blockchain certificates and will soon issue a bilingual version of the Certificates of Language Competence in Higher Education for the class of 2019. Involving education services and students in the implementation of this innovative new technology is essential for us,” says Pierre Boulet.

Sample of the first Open Badge issued on ARKeducation

The ARKeducation project stems from the work of Blockchain Education France (Digital Working Group -Gtnum n°8- of the French Ministry of Education, led by Perrine de Coëtlogon and Pierre Boulet, Vice-President Digital Transformation at the University of Lille): “The Blockchain Education France group is pleased to launch an initiative on such a scale, which allows the development of skills in the university environment on an open but long-lasting blockchain technology. Several other members of the European Blockchain Partnership are already interested in ARKeducation. In addition, this experience is valuable as part of the emergence of international standards on digital certificates, with the recent release of the Digital Credential Consortium white paper initiated by the MIT Media Lab,” said Perrine de Coëtlogon. Many institutions expressed their interest by attending the ARKeducation launch day (french version).

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