What is BCDiploma’s vision?

Luc Jarry-Lacombe — CEO at Blockchain Certified Data

According to your background you’re an expert of the education field. What are your skills and qualifications?

As a mathematics associate professor, I started out teaching mathematics and computer science. I then took over the management of a preparatory class for the French “Grandes Ecoles”, reputed for its integration rate at HEC and ENS Lyon.
Passionate about the IT challenges of higher education schools, I then became an IT consultant at ESCP Europe, in order to reshape the information system.
I became Product Owner of the software I helped deploy at ESCP Europe. My career path has enabled me to accompany a large number of schools in their transformations.

What motivated the creation of the “Blockchain Certified Data” company, and the proposal of the BCDiploma solution to schools?

Trust, transparency, durability and reliability are values that are found both in the education field and blockchain projects.
The topic of diploma certification is an old one in the world of blockchain and I have always followed with great attention the experiments of ESILV, Holberton School or MIT. But with the arrival of Ethereum, the game has changed and with BCDiploma, we are now able to offer a solution that can be deployed massively in establishments all over the world.
In my on-going dialogue with schools, I have noticed for some time now that many of them are already aware of the blockchain certification offers, but they have been observing the market and have been waiting for an adapted solution to their needs. To meet these expectations, we created Blockchain Certified Data with Vincent Langard and launched the BCDiploma project.

What is the vision of Blockchain Certified Data?

BCDiploma is the first application case of our EvidenZ framework. It is a perfect answer to the question of diplomas and will be widely deployed in schools from 2018 onwards through our Incentive programme. But the stakes are higher: EvidenZ allows any company or administration to certify data on Ethereum.
For individuals, access to this data is free of charge, without any time limit, and does not require an Ethereum address: it is a general public application of the blockchain.
Blockchain Certified Data wishes to contribute:
- to the transformation of institutions, companies and administrations into Ethereum actors;
- to the consultation by everyone and sharing of certified data thanks to smart contracts.
To conclude, I would like to thank the entire BCDiploma team. They are extremely talented and are working hard on our Inital Token Sale. Go BCDiploma!

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