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BCF Ventures receives recognition in the GCV Powerlist Awards 2021

Global Corporate Venturing (GCV) is a renowned media publication and data provider for the corporate venture capital industry. Throughout the decade, GCV has become the go-to networking platform as they continuously provide research and host multiple global events, with flagship conferences in Silicon Valley and London attracting the participation and membership from Fortune 1000 Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) firms across the world.

To get nominated, GCV has been tracking the performance of over 5,000 deals, and filters the performance of CVC funds over eight metrics through the Power Index. The selection process also takes into account strategic and leadership measures, such as thought-leadership, vision and motivational abilities in the Managing Partners of the fund. Through this initiative, GCV releases a Powerlist highlighting the top leaders of the corporate venture funds.

The past winners have included one of Canada’s CVC funds TELUS Ventures (Rich Osborn, Managing Partner), the China-based Tencent Investment (Jeffrey Li, Managing Partner), the Japanese fund Softbank Vision Fund (Rajeev Misra and Marcelo Claure), and many other Fortune 1000 corporate venture capital funds across the world.

This year, we are truly delighted to announce that BCF Ventures and the fund’s CEO and Partner, Sergio Escobar, are recognized in the 2021 GCV Powerlist. The official announcement can be found here.

This recognition places BCF Ventures within the top 0.5% of the best performing CVC funds. Irrespective of the trials and tribulations of the global pandemic, our team at BCF Ventures has been relentless and the team’s pursuit at excellence has never wavered. We strongly believe that our success stems from our funds fundamental principles.

BCF Venture’s Fundamental Principles: The Trifecta Effect

From a strategic standpoint, our multistage investment focus has proven successful and can be denoted by the Trifecta Effect. First, risk mitigation through the prioritization of equity investments over multiply stages of investment rounds. Second, resource utilization of BCF Business Law to facilitate due diligence and proof-of-concepts in the B2B Enterprise SaaS. Third, optimization of the extensive network of corporate partners in efforts to expand customer growth of portfolio companies and create co-investment opportunities. In turn, investing in specific verticals has achieved top returns, facilitated portfolio support, and reduced operational costs.

Partnership Across The Ecosystem

As a spin-off from BCF Business Law, we are committed to capitalizing on synergies and value-added propositions between BCF Business Law and BCF Ventures. As our portfolio companies continue to grow and scale exponentially, this fruitful partnership has allowed us to support their growth development. We further seek the collaboration of IP experts at BCF Business Law for due diligence at the technical level, given their expertise in assessing some of the largest AI tech companies in the world.

By leveraging business development and relationship building, we have partnered with Canada’s leading AI hub for supply chain, Scale AI, to launch the first ever Corporate Innovation Program and will host a second program in a near future. Our joint initiative connected leading early-stage startups with select corporations and Corporate VC investors interested in deploying capital in the supply chain space. All in efforts to accelerate the growth of leading Canadian startups in supply chain.

This year, we also partnered with MNP, a national chartered professional accountancy and business advisory firms, to launch the NextSteps Program and Pitch Competition as part of our initiative to collaborate with another Canadian corporation in supporting the momentum of the Canadian startup ecosystem. The program is meant to deliver top-quality workshops that cover the grounds of legal, financing, and pitching for early-stage startups. With the national exposure and the mentorship from the subject matter experts, the participating startups will have a chance to further strengthen their fundamental bases.

Furthermore, our fund has continuously upheld strong relationships with the ecosystem players such as Traction Conference, Lazaridis Institute, LAUNCH and Boast.AI to organize free virtual webinars accessible to the startup community (with exclusive and notable guests ranging from Jeff Lawson at Twilio to Michelle Romanow, a Dragon’s Den Superstar and Co-Founder of Clearco).

By fostering a growing network of institutional partners, co-investors and entrepreneurs, BCF Ventures continues to be recognized favorably on a regional, national and international scale within the Corporate Venture Capital ecosystem.

We remain thankful for the recognition received by the GVC Powerlist and remain excited for what lies ahead and are grateful for the ongoing support.

BCF Ventures Team



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