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Better Together: BCF Ventures’ Corporate Supply Chain Innovation Program to Promote Collaboration of CVC Investors, Corporations & Startups

The post-COVID era has spurred upon important change in diverse industries, notably supply chain. However, innovation within this sector can only be achieved through initiative and growth by startups seeking to challenge status quo. In response, BCF Ventures has designed a Corporation Supply Chain Innovation Program which attempts to create visibility for startups by facilitating networking opportunities with participating corporations and venture capital funds.

To date, multiple funds from multinational corporations have decided to take part within our initiative and we hope to count you as one too.

Allow us to address some preliminary questions!

First and foremost, who are we?

BCF Ventures is a leading Canadian Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Fund investing at the Seed stage of technology startups leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. We are partnering up with Scale AI, Canada’s leading AI innovation hub in supply chain. Together, we aim to accelerate the rapid adoption of AI and improve supply chain logistics and productivity.

What is the Corporate Innovation Program?

Back in Fall 2020, we had reached out to the public for any interested startups to apply to our program. We have now selected 11 Canadian AI supply chain startups with promising potential for scalability. The goal of the program is to connect leading early-stage startups with select corporations in efforts to accelerate their growth and connect with Corporate VC investors interested in deploying capital in the supply chain space. That way, potential business synergies may be identified and utilized for mutual benefit.

There are two facets to the program:

You may choose to come onboard as 1) an investor who is looking for deal flow and potential investment and/or 2) as a representative of your corporation who is looking to learn more about the innovative solutions offered by the selected startups for potential POC.

How do investors benefit from the program?

  • First contact with startups who are at the forefront of supply chain innovation, providing you with industry-leading deal flow.

How do corporations benefit from the program?

  • First contact to learn about the newest and exclusive innovations in the supply chain space.

What do we ask of you?

We would like to facilitate a first call with you or with someone at your firm who you think would be interested in our program. We understand that your time is precious, and so, we only ask for a virtual call with a selected startup so that you can both discuss together.

Should this opportunity be of interest to you and your team, please contact Bonnie at bonnie.chau@bcfventures.vc . Furthermore, our team at BCF Ventures remains at your disposal to answer any questions or concerns.



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