Digital Boost: Helping Small Businesses and Charities Through the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

How Founders4Schools and BCGDV initiative Digital Boost is helping those affected by the crisis digitize

From hospitality to home delivery: Astrum Wine Cellars

One small business affected by the crisis was Astrum Wine Cellars. A UK-based trade-only supplier of wines and spirits, before the pandemic 75% of Astrum’s revenue came from the hospitality industry, all but disappearing overnight once the lockdown measures were introduced.

Thomas White, Head of Growth, Astrum Wine Cellars

A charity goes online: Teens in AI

Teens in AI is a charity that runs hackathons, accelerators, and bootcamps where teenagers explore AI for social good, and where mentors engage in purposeful skills-based volunteering.

Elena Sirel, Founder of Teens in AI

Giving back to the community

For volunteers, Digital Boost has been a way to give back to the community in the face of a crisis that has affected so many. Kim Dewe, Head of SEO at Blue Array, was one such volunteer: “Digital Boost is an opportunity for domain experts like Blue Array to support a large group of business leaders, reminding them that they are not alone in facing the challenge of digitalisation and COVID-19.”



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