DV FACES: Sharon Mwale, Senior Venture Architect, Chicago

“Our environment encourages people to think outside the box and push themselves to be their best.”

Meet the world-class talent building the game-changing businesses of the future. At BCG Digital Ventures, we’re shaping tomorrow one game-changing venture at a time. From ideation to testing and launch, building game-changing businesses from the ground up takes a spectrum of different skills, a variety of expertise, and, of course, a lot of collaboration.

That’s where our talent comes in. BCGDV is home to a diverse community of high-caliber talent hailing from some of the most exciting companies around the world. Each of our multidisciplinary experts brings a wealth of knowledge and career experience, along with a unique perspective to each of our builds. Together, they’re creating innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Our talent makes BCG Digital Ventures what it is today. In this series, we speak to our unique talents about their exciting career journeys, their unique BCGDV experiences, and why they’re passionate about creating the businesses that are changing the world.

BCGDV: Tell us about your unique background and the journey that led you to BCGDV.

A: I first heard about BCGDV when I signed up for a hackathon in the DV Hacks series. At the event, our goal was to address the next generation of technologies for issues that affect our daily lives. It was an inspiring weekend that opened my interest to building solutions and not just supporting entrepreneurs — which is what I was doing in my role at the time. I was managing our programs, teams, and workstreams, but with our portfolio, I was on the periphery and I did not get to operationalize what I helped our founders ideate at times. The hackathon made me realize I did want to be an entrepreneur but I wasn’t ready to be a sole founder. It also gave me a peek into what BCGDV does, so I applied and that is where my story began

BCGDV: Why did you choose a career at Digital Ventures?

A: I joined BCGDV because I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I was interested in having a dynamic career where I could work on business ventures in multiple industries. Prior to working at BCGDV, I had only been exposed to healthcare but was passionate about exploring other sectors. BCGDV allowed me to tap into multiple verticals without being pigeonholed into one topic. Now I work on ventures in healthcare, finance, and industrial goods, across technology topics like IoT, ML, Hardware, and AI. I’m exploring areas that I never thought I would touch and I love the variety of projects I’m involved in.

BCGDV: Describe your role and cohort at BCGDV.

A: A Venture Architect focuses on the business side of an organization. When taking on this role within a startup or even a corporate entity, you’re thinking about the types of business challenges a CEO, CFO or COO may be addressing, and working with venture leadership to determine the best strategy for success. For example, based on a business’s specific needs, a Venture Architect with a CEO lens is considering the business’s vision, strategy, value propositions, partnerships, and goals for the year. The Venture Architect helps leaders determine feasibility and what needs to be accomplished in order to answer questions that may not have one answer

BCGDV: How would you describe BCGDV’s culture?

A: I think DV’s culture is one of the best things about the organization. When I was first hired, I knew I was joining an organization with a strong business reputation and I was nervous about losing my voice within a corporate culture. However, DV surprised me and the people I have worked with have reinforced the collaborative and supportive culture of the organization. Everyone is intentioned, considerate and most importantly for me, respectful of one another.

BCGDV: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in joining your cohort?

A: Our environment encourages people to think outside the box and push themselves to be their best. There are many opportunities across the business to learn new skills and collaborate with BCG teams, but only you will know what you’re looking for. So, my advice is to know yourself, know your strengths, share those talents, and learn from everyone around you. Be honest about what you want to get out of working here because at DV you drive your own career.

BCGDV: Tell us about a unique work opportunity you’ve had at BCGDV that you might not have anywhere else.

A: DV makes you a part of the community from day one, as you’re provided with opportunities to collaborate with leaders across various areas of BCG. In between my venture work, I’ve raised my hand for a few business development projects outside of my Venture Architect role. This work wasn’t part of my job description, but it was a welcome opportunity to see different areas of DV’s business. It also made me feel like a part of the community, and proud to be able to impact the culture and business of DV and BCG in practical ways.

To learn more about Venture Architecture roles at BCG Digital Ventures, visit our Cohort page.

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