The Right Time for Deep Tech

Deep tech is the future, but not all deep tech is created equal. The most successful companies over the next decade will be those who know when to move.

How Should we Think About the Future of Technology?

What is Deep Tech?

The Deep Tech Divide: Pioneering vs. Visionary

  • Visionary Tech is Deep Tech that almost no-one can do yet and, even if it is doable, it is limited to the likes of the Big9 or even nation states. This is tech that has the potential to change the world, but it isn’t going to happen this year. Often, there are genuine computer science problems that remain unsolved with this type of technology. Type 5 fully autonomous vehicles would be a good example of this.
  • Pioneering Tech is deep tech that is exploitable right now (or at least imminently) by entrepreneurs. It is available to operate and scale with components that might not be off-the-shelf, but that can at least be assembled with a suitably skilled engineering team. Most, if not all of the basic computer science problems have been solved. The tech is novel and new, but it works, and importantly, there is the infrastructure to support it. “Autonomous objects” that run around pre-defined routes, like that pioneered by Ocado in the UK, would be a good example of this kind of technology.
  • Commodity Tech has passed through its deep tech phase and matured to the point where just about everyone can do it. The raw tech is fully worked out, infrastructure exists to deploy and operationalise it, and there are industry-standard examples of it working at scale. “Lane departure technology” in high-end sedans is an example.
  • Exhausted Tech has been more or less exhausted for innovation. Diesel-fuelled internal combustion vehicles might be a good example of this kind of tech in the mobility space. Cathode ray black-and-white televisions might be another example in the media space.

What Deep Tech is Ready Today?

Identifying the Right Deep Tech

The Right Time for Deep Tech Innovation

Understanding Lubricants and Frictions

Not All Deep Tech Is Created Equal



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