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On-Chain Metrics | 09.23.2022

Social Media: LinkTree

Source: Glassnode

BTC number of addresses holding 1+ coins reached an all-time high of 904,35.

Further Reading:ETH On-Chain Analysis: Huge Ethereum Post-Merge Inflows on Exchanges

Latest Headlines

  • Nasdaq will launch institutional cryptocurrency custody services.
  • Cardano’s Vasil upgrade went live.
  • Tornado Cash has returned to GitHub, in read-only mode, after several weeks of being banned on the website.
  • A MetaMask integration with DeSo, a decentralized social network, is launching today.
  • NFT marketplace OpenSea will begin supporting the Layer 2 scaling network Arbitrum.

Crypto Monitor:

24-Hour Highest Volume Change

Source: cryptowat.ch

Trending Search | 24-hour

Source: Lunar Crush (Left) & Coingecko (Right)



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