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Dear Bcnex-ers,

We really appreciate your support. Bcnex has officially launched on 19th August, 2019 (GMT+7). To mark this occasion, we would like to inform you about the distribution schedule of the Super Airdrop Campaign:

The distribution time will last for 1 month:

  • From: 14:00 4th September, 2019 (GMT+7)
  • To: 14:00 3rd October, 2019 (GMT+7)

During the campaign, many people cheated and used their Bcnex accounts for monetary gain. To protect the interests of Bcnex-ers who are genuinely devoted and closely connected to Bcnex, the rewards will be distributed as follows:

- 20% of the total amount received will be immediately withdrawn and transferred to your XRP wallet on the Bcnex Exchange.

- The remaining amount will be unlocked with BCNX tokens.

How to receive the amount that has been unlocked:

Please visit

On this page, you will see the section “Unlocked amount”. You can immediately withdraw and transfer to your XRP wallet on the Bcnex Exchange by clicking on “Withdraw XRP” button.

In this pop-up window, please input the amount in $ that you want to convert into XRP and click “Convert”.

After clicking the “Convert” button, your $ will automatically be converted to XRP and transferred to the balance in XRP Wallet on Exchange in accordance with the exchange rate on

How to unlock the remaining rewards:

Go to page:

Click on Unlock now:

In order to unlock the remaining rewards you need to have BCNX tokens. The more BCNX tokens you already have, the higher amount of money you can unlock each day. This pop-up will display the amount of money that can be unlocked daily depending on the amount of BCNX you hold.

Otherwise, you can refer to the table below for an overview of the amount you can unlock daily.

*The amount of money unlocked daily= (BCNX balance) x (BCNX price) x (The percentage in the table)

Click on the “Buy BCNX” button, you will then be redirected to the trading interface of BCNX/USDT, where you will be able to buy BCNX with USDT.

In addition, all BCNX purchased from pairs of BCNX/BTC, BCNX/ETH, BCNX from ICO, Angel Investor,… can be used to unlock the remaining $XRP.

You can also use XRP received from the event to sell BCNX via the following link:


  • During the period from 14:00 September 4, 2019 to 14:00 October 3, 2019 (GMT+7), we will be locking the following trading pairs: XRP / BTC, XRP / ETH , XRP / USDT. Only the XRP / BCNX trading pair will remain unlocked.
  • Your account must passed KYC process to claim AIRDROP reward
  • Bcnex reserve the right to determine the terms and conditions of the Super Airdrop program at any time due to market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant.

Many thanks again to all of you for supporting Bcnex!

Bcnex Team

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