Introduction About Reward Pool Program On Bcnex

Sep 10 · 2 min read

Hello Bcnex-ers,

While the Voting Round 01 competition on Bcnex is still going strong with much excitement and activity (, we are bringing other attractive programs for our community and valued users. Therefore, today, Bcnex would like to officially launch a new Reward Pool program.

Details of the Program:

How does Reward Pool work?

  • User can receive FREE tokens with Bcnex Reward Pool
  • After a Coin/Token is listed in the Reward Pool, users will have 24 hours to get tickets and hold them for 15 days to receive the reward.
  • Users need to access the Reward Pool and transfer 10 BCNX from their personal wallet on the Bcnex exchange to the Reward Pool for getting 1 ticket.
  • Users only have 24 hours from the date the Coin/Token is listed on the Reward Pool to claim tickets. Users can transfer BCNX out of the Reward Pool to their wallet whenever they want but they will lose the corresponding tickets which they own.
  • The more BCNX users own in the Reward Pool, the more tickets they have. After holding them for 15 days, the reward (token) and BCNX will be automatically distributed to the user’s wallet. Users can check the status of the transfers on the Reward Pool page.
  • The number of rewards received by the user = (Total Reward/Total number of tickets of all users)*Number of user’s tickets.

For example:

  • Total Reward: 10,000 Tokens
  • Total number of tickets for all users: 1,000 Tickets
  • Number of tickets users own: 10 Tickets
  • Number of reward users will get = (10,000/1,000)*10 = 100 Tokens

Hot: Do not forget to join to receive the reward tokens from the first Reward Pool at 04h00 PM 11/09/2019.

Note: We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the Reward Pool program at any given time due to market conditions, risk of fraud, and other relevant factors.

Thank you!

Bcnex Team

Bcnex Exchange

The Ultimate Blockchain Trading Platform


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