HEX HODL CHALLENGE — 5,000,000 HEX up for grabs!

HEX is listed, and what better way to celebrate its success than to hold a challenge to giveaway some HEX goodness to our traders worldwide!

We’ll be launching a HEX HODL challenge from 19 Oct 12 pm to 29 Oct 2018 12 pm (GMT+8).

The top 50 HODL-ers (highest HEX account balances) with over 100,000 HEX during the challenge will share a pool of 5,000,000 HEX. All participants should HODL their HEX for the entire duration of the challenge or they may be deemed ineligible.


  • 1st — 50th trader : 100,000 HEX (approx USD 400)

Results of the challenge will be announced three (3) working days post end of the challenge. The announcement will be made on Twitter (@BCoinsg) and winners will be contacted via email. The rewards will be airdropped into the winner’s BCoin.sg Exchange Account.

For terms and conditions, please click here.

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