Security, regulation and the blockchain

By Bob Bonomo, President and CEO of CG Blockchain
Questions about security and regulation have long plagued the blockchain industry, and this has prevented many institutional investors from dipping their toes into cryptocurrencies.

This week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission is taking a deeper look into the cryptocurrency market. The SEC has issued subpoenas to many involved with cryptocurrency projects in efforts to learn more about their structure.

For years now, prominent cryptocurrency exchanges have been the subject of hacks that have lost investors millions. Most recently, the Japanese exchange Coincheck fell victim to a $530 million hack.

These issues of security and regulation are very real concerns, and that’s why we created BCT Terminal. Blockchain Terminal’s Applications Store is a suite of cryptocurrency trading apps and blockchain tools built upon the robust ComplianceGuard framework, making it safer and easier for investors to trade cryptocurrency.

Investors are increasingly looking to tools and resources to protect their assets, and this includes their cryptocurrency assets. Blockchain technology enables verified, immutable, and time-stamped data, which can be used to usher in a new era of security and monitoring for institutional investors. This allows for unprecedented transparency and accountability.

Blockchain Terminal is countering the concerns over security and regulation by offering a compliant, easy-to-use alternative for blockchain investors. We hope that by providing the tools for investors to participate in the cryptocurrency economy, we’ll open the doors to new opportunities for users to expand their portfolios with high-return investments.

Bob Bonomo, President and CEO of CG Blockchain Inc.: 
Bonomo is a Technology, Process & Business Consultant currently focused on the Digital Currency Ecosystem ( e.g. Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain Technologies, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications (Dapps), Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), R3-CEV, etc.). He is a CIO Level Software Professional and Entrepreneur with exceptional problem solving, communication and leadership skills; a long time developer and executive; a former two-time CIO and Partner at AllianceBernstein; a Fractional CIO, Transitional CIO, and CIO as a Service delivery models; and a. Financial Services Subject Matter Expert, with technical, management and execution experience applicable across all industries (e.g. Bitcoin Ecosystem).