BCW Group Joins Helix Accelerator Mentor Program (Hedera Hashgraph)

Kyle Baron
Apr 4, 2019 · 4 min read

BCW Group is poised to be announced as Mentors to the Helix Accelerator in Hong Kong. Helix is the first global accelerator to incubate projects built on top of the enterprise-grade public network for decentralised applications; Hedera Hashgraph platform.

Helix Accelerator is a 10–week program that was created by the venture capital group Mind Fund. The first cohort of the Helix Accelerator began their journey in Q1 2019 and have come across the globe to Hong Kong with full accommodation and office space to implement their projects and applications on Hedera Hashgraph with the expertise of like-minded firms and individuals believing in “Hello Future.”

On March 14, 2019, the team at Helix Accelerator were able to showcase the program to CEO Mance Harmon and the Hedera Hashgraph team as everyone was in Hong Kong for Token 2049.

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Helix Accelerator Launch Party March 18, 2019 (Hedera Hashgraph, Helix & BCW Teams)

Meet the Participating Companies

The Helix Accelerator is home to 12 global startups during the 10-week program, including 5 regional winners of the Hedera18 Hackathon.

Payable Links — Global Winner & 1st Place in London

Integrate micro-payments at the core of the web to connect customers and providers. Using their toolset, “digital goods” merchants such as bloggers, streaming services, media content providers can adopt disintermediated micro-payments fast and seamlessly with non-invasive changes on their infrastructure.

HopOn — 1st Place in Bangalore

Micropayments for wifi sharing, it allows anyone to share their mobile data with anyone in the world for a small amount that the user decides upon.

Armada Chain — 1st Place in San Francisco

Targets the supply chain industry that is often under utilized, companies often ship half-filled boats and sitting on empty warehouses. Armada Chain is a modular collaborative supply chain platform that allows companies to share supply chain infrastructure with each other, providing utility to under optimized components and creating optimized supply chains.

Hashing Systems — 1st Place in Dallas

Domain registry for resource identification through the Hash Name Service. The solution, available on the Hedera network, will let users quickly find, offer and trade domains.

Otrafy — 3rd Place in Dallas

An organic food transparency platform that enables farmers to communicate the history of their products from the farm to the stores. Using DLT to prove products flow through organic supply chain vendors.

GenesisNet — Hong Kong

A platform for insurance companies to use distributed ledger technology (DLT) to dramatically cut the time for claims.

Ponder — USA

Micropayments for referrals in both business and personal use cases.

Hearo.fm — USA

Micropayments for music streaming. Artists can connect directly with other artists and their fans, sell their music for whatever price they like and discover new music along the way.

Ooniq — Lithuania

A peer-to-peer insurance application focusing on smartphone insurance. Their goal is to bring simple insurance solutions at affordable prices with instant claim handling and complete transparency.

Lumeos — USA

Everyday, millions of people are sharing their personal data across the web without controlling it. Lumeos is a decentralized data sharing platform where users can control who accesses their data and set their price on a data marketplace.

Snakt — USA

Currently, content creators are being hurt by large platforms (YouTube, Facebook etc) moving upmarket and abandoning them. Snakt is a platform which connects video messaging and creation, with payments, it allows anyone anywhere to make money making videos. They can talk to their fans in video-to-video conversations and get paid through gamified gifting.

Sandbox — Argentina

A decentralized gaming platform that allows players to become blockchain-empowered creators, but also fosters the underlying technology to make the Sandbox ecosystem a reality. It takes creative freedom to the next level and allows creators to monetize their games on a distributed ledger.

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Helix Accelerator Lab in Hong Kong

Follow Helix Accelerator on twitter for live updates here: @haccelerator

Helix Accelerator website: www.helixaccelerator.com

BCW Group is a global strategy and management consulting firm with a variety of high-profile corporate clients focused on making blockchain use cases come to life. We work as an integrated partner with global payment and technology infrastructure firms to rapidly advance the blockchain industry ecosystem.

For inquiries about how to be a part of the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem and the Helix Accelerator, reach out to consulting@bcw.group

Kyle Baron

Written by

At BCW Group, we are a strategy consulting firm specialising in 3 inter-connected disciplines: digital payments, digital assets & distributed ledger technology.

BCW Group

BCW Group

Blockchain Professional Services Company +

Kyle Baron

Written by

At BCW Group, we are a strategy consulting firm specialising in 3 inter-connected disciplines: digital payments, digital assets & distributed ledger technology.

BCW Group

BCW Group

Blockchain Professional Services Company +

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