BCW Group & Ternio Team Up to Offer BlockCard™ Across the Globe

Kyle Baron
Feb 19, 2020 · 4 min read

BCW Group has joined the Ternio partner network to offer Ternio’s innovative crypto payments solution to a wide array of clients in the digital payments & digital assets space.

BCW will add Ternio’s BlockCard™ as a differentiated product set in an ever-growing range of customised whitelabel payments solutions that BCW provides to financial institutions; global payment rails, card-to-crypto offerings, banking on blockchain & white-label financial technology infrastructure used for digital payments and banking solutions.

Kyle J. Baron, Managing Partner at BCW Group is inspired by what the Ternio team has accomplished. “As a strategy firm, we specialise in creating frictionless paths for consumers to convert fiat to crypto. BlockCard™ takes this vision another step forward by offering a customer-centric, hassle-free purchasing experience utilising virtual & physical debit cards; allowing customers to use their digital assets for purchasing everyday items with any merchant where major credit cards are accepted.”

“BlockCard has always been designed to be a global payments solution,” said Ian Kane, co-founder of Ternio. “As we expand BlockCard outside of the United States, we want to ensure a seamless on-boarding process for our international clientele. BCW has demonstrated an unparalleled amount of knowledge and professionalism in this space, making them the go-to choice as Ternio grows.”

Here is How BlockCard™ Works

The BlockCard™ is a physical debit card powered by Ternio. With BlockCard™, account holders have more control over their assets than ever before. Sign up in minutes, deposit cryptocurrency, pass KYC, and instantly receive a virtual card while a physical card is mailed to you.

For a more in-depth walkthrough of the BlockCard™ program, feel free to browse through the demo at https://getblockcard.com/the-card/#

BlockCard™ Versatility

Ternio is quickly adapting to market demands by supporting 13 (and counting) digital assets that can be loaded onto the BlockCard™.

Ternio has quickly released multiple digital assets that are supported on the BlockCard™ with other accessible funding types to follow. BlockCard is the only payment solution that enables the end user to stay in cryptocurrency up until the point of sale.

Another one of the core differentiators of Ternio’s BlockCard™ solution is the ability to make deposits at retail locations. With large retail partners such as 7–11, Walmart & Western Union, Ternio has created multi-user journey to quickly scale the adoption rate of a functional debit card that can store & process digital assets at the point of sale anywhere major credit cards are accepted.

About BCW Group

We are a strategy consulting firm focused on designing and executing growth strategies for digital payments, digital assets & distributed ledger technologies initiatives. Our unique footprint cuts across both geographical and industrial plains as our core team sits across Asia — fastest growing market for both digital assets & digital payments — and is adept to implement a culmination of traditional and emerging technology provisions to build the infrastructure necessary for the digital economy.

Reach out to us to see how we can transform your digital payments business payments@bcw.group

About Ternio

Ternio is a leading blockchain company providing white label technology to enterprise organizations which gives blockchain and cryptocurrency real-world application. BlockCard™ is a crypto debit card platform, enabling card holders to purchase what they want with cryptocurrency anywhere major credit cards are accepted. BlockCard is the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient way for consumers to use their cryptocurrency when and how they want. You can learn more about Ternio https://ternio.io or BlockCard https://getblockcard.com by visiting these links.

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