BuidlSmart Wins BCW’s Hedera ’22 Hackathon Challenge!

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3 min readJun 9, 2022


The Hedera ’22 Hackathon has successfully ended with over 2500 participants, 95 countries represented, and 115+ projects submitted. BCW again had the pleasure of sponsoring a challenge, making it our third consecutive year involved.

The Challenge

Following the overarching theme of “Smart Contracts 2.0”, we hosted the “Smart Contract Tool Challenge”. The objective suggested creating tools that allow for the easy compilation, deployment, and management of smart contracts on Hedera. These tools have increased developer interest in other networks by streamlining smart contracts’ writing, verification, and deployment. The challenge winner received $5,000 HBAR and the opportunity to interview with BCW Technologies to join the team and/or potential incubation opportunities.

The official announcement on the Hedera Twitter account

The Winner — BuidlSmart

We’d like to congratulate the BuidlSmart team for being selected as the BCW Smart Contract Tool Challenge winner. BuidlSmart is a no-code smart contract builder that aims to lower the barrier to entry in developing innovative, secure applications on Hedera. It achieves this by allowing users to easily create objects and functions as desired and seamlessly deploy the smart contract to the Hedera testnet for testing. BuidlSmart’s team states in the future, they will be looking toward using flowcharts or block diagrams to improve the user experience further and provide increased accessibility while creating smart contracts.

The BuidlSmart team explained their winning submission

BCW <> Hedera

BCW is delighted to collaborate with Hedera, and we look forward to more successful, innovative Hackathons in the future. In addition to the hackathon, BCW is partnering with Hedera on multiple other initiatives. For one, we are validators on hashport, the only Hedera-compatible interoperability solution bringing seamless, cost-effective interoperability to Hedera, Ethereum, and Polygon. We have also partnered with The HBAR Foundation to assist in grant and funding deployment through a market development fund.

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