Saving the Planet: One ICO at a Time

In November’s edition of easyJet’s in-flight magazine, BDXAlliance was invited to discuss the future of ICOs through the eyes of Jamy Nigri, our CEO. We were so excited about this that we wanted to share with you some more insight as we approach our ICO launch on 28 November.

In our pre-launch phase, we think about the impact our ICO will have in the marketplace. We want to maximise that potential, for our investors and community. After all, meeting your needs is what drives us. You fuel us, empower us, and encourage us to succeed. When presented with an ICO, you have a golden opportunity to take a look under its hood before you buy. So many of our competitors avoid doing this, but we believe it’s essential.

What’s Under the Hood?

You know what an ICO can do, but do you know its benefits? While it would take ages to talk about every ICO, we’d love to share with you about the ICOs we care about. Starting with ours!

At BDXAlliance, one of our biggest benefits is that we believe our ICO is going to change the world. Yep, that’s right: we really do want to make a difference. Changing the world means changing some old habits — including opening our minds to a different way of saving, spending and investing. Buying products that use less waste. Choosing carbon-zero logistics, buildings and cars. Or even no cars at all. For our BDX ICO, we’ve figured out a way to bring crypto use to everyday life and make a positive impact not just on our pockets, but in our ethics and sustainability, too. So we started with you, and we looked for other ICOs and partners who wanted to work on something memorable, rather than be a flash in the pan.

Today, we have strong relationships with other companies that have their own ICO opportunities and want to launch within our ecosystem. Doing this means we can be truly accountable to our commitments and values. For you, our community, this also means a wealth of choice in products that do good and potentially work just for you. We’ve selected some of the most exciting ICOs. Throughout 2019 and beyond, we hope our community will embrace the values of each ICO, just as we have, and support them. Supporting them, supporting us, and vice versa. A community, right? A wholesome family of cool ICOs, products and services we can share and enjoy.

Launch, Launch, Launch!

It’s because of this that we decided to launch our BDX ICO on 28 November for a minimum investment of only €20*! Nope, it’s not a dream or marketing tactic. We believe the chance to invest should be for the many, not just a few. Besides, we hope you’ll share our view that there’s more potential value when you get to do something that helps save the planet, too — and just for the price of a few fancy cups of coffee. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Provided you live in the SEPA area of Europe, you can invest a minimum of €20* in the BDX ICO. Good for you, good for us, good for the planet! See you 28 November.

*€20 minimum investment is for the SEPA countries of the 28 EU States: Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovak Republic, Denmark, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, France, Malta, United Kingdom and Croatia.

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