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90+ Books in 365 Days: I Read 97 Books in 2023 — These Are the Best Ones

The Annual Scylighter Book List

Sarah Cy
11 min readJan 2, 2024


I have a confession to make.

This wasn’t a particularly reading-heavy year for me.

(Which is why I didn’t quite get to 100 books in 2023, much less the usual 125+).

Instead, I discovered the power of podcasting (and saving podcast notes via a super nifty podcast snipper), and if I were to list all the podcasts and podcast episodes I listened to in 2023, you’d probably try to stuff me in the dryer.

I did try to read mysteries and books for younger readers (including re-reading several childhood favorites), to prepare my mind for a longer novel-writing project that I am currently working on.

And also stumbled on a few great nonfiction picks, as you shall see below.

Other reading-related notes for 2023:

  • Participated in the Year of Sanderson to see how it works on the backend. My favorite of the four books, Tress of the Emerald Sea, hands down.
  • Became obsessed with Obsidian, and then discovered Readwise and the zettelkasten system, which absolutely revolutionized the way I read and study, take notes and learn.
  • I mostly read ebooks (so that I could…



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