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Newton’s 3rd Law for Writers Will Help You Benefit Off the Backs of Trolls & Haters

Getting “hate” is GREAT?

Sarah Cy
3 min readJan 4, 2024


Remember this line from high school physics?

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

It’s known as Newton’s Third Law, and it doesn’t just apply to physical things.

For example, have you ever tried to argue with an angry person?

The harder you push the guy, the more he resists you. The more you try to reason with him, the more nonsensically emotional he gets. And so on and so forth.


A Big Action = A Big Reaction.

So if a triggered troll comes after you, you know you’re doing something big, something on point, something…right.

Celebrate Your Trolls!

One of the greatest (conscious or unconscious) fears that prevents writers from being all they could be, is the fear of negative social opinion.

In other words, trolls.

And mean-spirited haters, and sharp-tongued harpies, and online hags.

There are plenty of those malcontent spirits hanging around on the internet, ready to vent their displeasure at any hapless…



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