Faith, Love, and Joy: The Faith Adiele Issue

A headshot of Faith Adiele, dressed in red, against a background of a long street winding through trees.

Edited by Tara Christina, Ahmad Wright, and Rochelle Spencer

What Faith Teaches Us: An Essay on Faith Adiele” by Rochelle, edited by Tara and Ahmad

#MyNigerianHusband, (A Graphic Novel) by Faith Adiele

Against images of the Bay Area and a picture of the author and her husband, blush-colored and blue-green balloons reveal a light-hearted conversation.
An excerpt from the graphic novel by Faith Adiele

“Untitled: A Mural” by the Kiss My Black Arts Collective

Derrick **Rtystk**Shavers sits in front of a light-colored mural; Derrick has a beard, shoulder-length locks, and a bemused expression.
A Black woman, reminiscent of the leader of the Maroons, stands before a yellow, black, and green background. “Untitled (SF Mural)” 10x30 ft Latex paint and Recycled wood.
“Untitled (SF Mural)” 10x30 ft Latex paint and Recycled wood.

Music for the Dream” (short story); “Music for the Dream” (lyrics); Music for the Dream (song) “Outer Spaces,” “Qpid and Them,” Theorist of Sage,” “Unilogue” by Valerie Haynes Perry

A close-up of Valerie Haynes Perry; she has her hand on cheek. She wears a muted purple and stares peacefully at the camera.
Valerie Haynes Perry, picture via the author

The Rest Revolution: Considering the Work of Tricia Hersey, Ellen Sebastian Chang, Amara Tabor-Smith, Niv Acosta, Fannie Sosa, Ashara Ekundayo, Siha Collins, and Tiana Clark, by Evette Dionne and Rochelle Spencer

Tricia Hersey, founder of the Nap Ministry, stands against a yellow wall; dressed in black, she stares serenely at the camera.
Tricia Hersey (, founder of the Nap Ministry (
Yellow mats and blankets line the floors of The Yellow Mat Yoga Studio. An open, partially curtained window lets in a soft breeze.
The Yellow Mat Yoga Studio, site of a rest workshop by Tricia Hersey

“Felipe Vivant” (A Flash Novel with Images by the Author) by Gerald Leavell

Gerald Leavell looks at the camera; he wears glasses, a neatly cut beard and mustache, and a pensive expression.
Gerald Leavell (, photo credit Shan Wallace

“Nouri’s Rising” from LaRhonda Crosby

A picture of La Rhonda Crosby, a Black woman wearing glasses, a glowing smile, and gold hoop earrings.

Image: La Rhonda Crosby Johnson

Food for Life” (Flash fiction, trigger warning) by Ahmad Wright

Feeding Memories: An Interview with Tara Christina and Dera Williams, with a recipe from Shannon Holbrook

Playlists, Recipes, and Visual Art inspired by the Black Avant Garde Advisory Board (Faith Adiele, Reynaldo Anderson, Jacquelyn Bishop, Duriel Harris, John Keene, Kyla Marshell, Opal Moore, Asali Solomon)

Correction: The black-and-white image from Gerald Leavell should be titled “Figure in the Window,” Study 1 (Tweezy)

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