5 Ways to Set the Right Tone for Meetings

We live in a world where coffee meetings and one on one chats have been dwindled down to 30 minute chats. Before we get down to the nitty gritty of the meeting, your goals, your plans etc. How do you set the tone to begin with?

By the time you’ve arrived at your destination, you’re partaking in small chit chat, ordering your drink, finding a table and finally sitting to enjoy each other’s company for AT most 25 minutes.

It is within these first few moments, that will determine if the meeting is a success or a failure. Why? Because the person on the other end has to like you. And they will know if they do or don’t within the first five minutes.

So here in 5 easy steps are how you will set the tone of confidence, ease and gratitude:

  1. Make sure you eat enough throughout the day.

When you are going into any meeting, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you are comfortable. You are working your butt off so make sure you take the time to take care of yourself. When you are eating to time, snacking and fuelling your body so you will be energized enough to deliver a stellar presentation.

2. Arrive on time. Better yet. Be there a few minutes early.

Are you all frazzled because you literally arrived with one minute to spare? Have you been rushing from meeting to meeting, already mentally preparing for the next one? Are you carrying a million items, delayering and discombobulated? If this is you, these are all important reasons to be early. Just so you can settle in yourself and mentally prepare.

3. Do not be a douchebag. I repeat do not be a douchebag.

The most common mistake I have seen entrepreneurs/anyone really do is apologize for being late and then follow up with “I’m so sorry. I had a meeting before this and I’ve got another after this. I’ve just been SOOO busy. But I’m here now! (Insert forced smile).” You have literally shut out the person you are meeting. They either think you’re a show-off, disorganized or worst case scenario, that they aren’t worth your time.

4. Offer to fetch or buy them a drink.

If at a coffee shop, always wait to buy a drink until your guest arrives. Even if they don’t accept your offer of buying them a drink, you authentically demonstrate that you’re grateful for their time. If it’s at your office, offer to get them a water, regardless of the position they hold. Being considerate builds trust.

5. Enjoy it!

Even if you are the most brilliant human being on the face of the planet, you could have elaborate presentations, excellent ideas or even a great position. People can sense if you want to be there. So, in truth, if you let your guard down (& theirs), I promise you it will change the course of the meeting as to whether or not they want to listen too. No more guards up. Just two people connecting. In the end, a team is created and contribution will be two fold.