For some reason, the world is opposed to disagreeing. We can’t stand that not all minds think the same as ours. We turn away from other beliefs and stances. Since when is it a crime for someone to think differently than you? Why weren’t we taught how to disagree? We can’t shut off of our individuality and we can’t down others for theirs. It’s time we learn to embrace difference. It’s okay not to agree with others. Nowadays, it seems we listen to reply and not to understand. As soon as we sense someone is posting about their opinion, our fists immediately bulk up. Why? When did voicing our opinions instantly form into battles?


When you read an opinion you don’t agree with, do you even take a second before you hit the comment button? Do you even TRY to see where they’re coming from? Do you jump out of your shoes and into theirs to try to wrap your mind around their viewpoint? It takes 5 minutes to sit back, read their opinion again, and then download their opinion so that you can start to dissect for understanding. Imagine reading an opinion like you’re jumping into someone else’s vehicle. Don’t you dare put your hands on the wheel, that’s dangerous. Let them drive and let them show you around their world. Once the car stops, the driver will turn over and say, “Well….what did you think?” It can be a bit disrespectful to immediately disregard any feelings that might be tucked away behind the opinion of others and begin to counter it with YOUR opinion and YOUR beliefs. Try something new…like…listening to understand, not to reply.


We can agree to disagree. We can meet in the middle. The football players were kneeling during the Anthem and people all over the United States peed their pants. The Cowboys thought up a solution and decided to kneel before the Anthem and then stand during it. That is what I call compromise and a win-win situation; that’s how change pushes itself through. That’s the point, right? For change to come about?

When you’re protesting, it’s like creating a marketing campaign. You create a marketing campaign with the end in mind. How much money do we want to make and what are we going to do to ensure we meet that goal? That’s the process that should be carried out with protesting and/or sharing our opinion. This is what we want to achieve, what action steps can we take to ensure we achieve that? Is kneeling during the National Anthem the BEST WAY to earn equality? I’m not sure that question was answered before Kaepernick dropped to one knee but HEY! Monday, the Cowboys nudged the movement closer to progress. Better late than never…


This needs to be a popup as soon as you become a social media user. That is, of course, how the majority of opinions are shared nowadays, through Facebook posts and tweets. Have you ever envisioned a world where every single person thought the exact same way as you? Every person believed in what you believe, loved what you love, and held the same morals? BORING. There are laws in place that I wouldn’t have agreed with before but I understand now and if the world thought the same as me, those laws would have never come about.

Every person has been through a great deal of pain and suffering. Of course, we all have different levels of pain and suffering, we could all share a story that left us broken in some way. All of our paths and histories make us unique and shape who we are and what we believe in. You cannot expect everyone to think the same as you when they haven’t been through your dirt.

It is equally as important that we all were raised differently. We are unique and we need to embrace that fact.


It’s no secret that my family thinks differently than I do. If you read my posts and theirs, we are on opposite sides of the track. However, we are on the same track and I respect where they are as much as I hope they respect where I am. You have to learn when to let things go. Sometimes, there are battles you shouldn’t fight. Nothing is worth losing a friendship over or your family. You shouldn’t hate a person for thinking differently than you. You should set boundaries with certain people. I know I can’t talk about Donald Trump with my mom and dad. It doesn’t ruin my life that I can’t, I just know I shouldn’t and I don’t. Learn how to pick your battles.


You cannot shove your beliefs in other people’s faces and get frustrated when they disregard. First things first, people don’t like feeling challenged. If you start a conversation off bashing the other person for feeling the way they feel, suggesting they are ignorant to the subject or assuming you’re more advanced on the topic, you’ve immediately turned it to a losing battle.

1 — Allow the other person to state their argument. If they state it in a rude or disrespectful way: CODE RED, ABORT, ABORT. You’re already off on a bad foot and will most likely stay there. Unless you feel like you can alternate between Dr. Phil and Megyn Kelly then continue on.

2 — Do not reply until you have downloaded their argument and tried to understand. Why do they feel that way? What could they have been through in their lifetime to make them feel that way? What kind of household did they grow up into influence their opinion?

3 — If you feel safe enough to continue on, state your argument and when you’re finished, ask them if they understand.

Asking someone the question, “Do you understand?”, is prompting them to try it out. It’s saying, “Try to understand where I am coming from.”


Don’t share everything you see on Facebook. If the URL of the blog post looks ridiculous then the blog post is too. Try to double check when sharing posts on social media. It discredits you as a person when you share phony articles.

Try to keep your posts respectful. People have feelings and a lot of times, people are so passionate about their opinions and beliefs that they will get offended by disrespectful posts. You might find it funny but it can be disrespectful to others. It’s not worth losing a friend over. Be intentional with your posting. Your social media is a direct reflection of you. If we couldn’t see anything else about you but your Facebook posts, what conclusion would be drawn about your character?


I’ve heard people say, “I delete people that like Trump.” You can’t surround yourself with yourself. Again, it’s not a crime for others to think differently than you. If I deleted people that like Trump my whole family would be deleted. You just skip past the posts you don’t like. Life goes on. It’s that easy. If someone comments on your post and it’s rude, delete it. It’s literally that easy. Click click..delete delete. Don’t delete someone off Facebook because they think differently than you. How will you ever learn to try new things if you shut out other people’s experiences? You’ll never learn to grow with your thinking if you shut out other perspectives. You’re stronger than that.

Change comes about when a brave soul stands up for what they believe in and fights for it. They post a status on Facebook and demand for change! If every person that didn’t agree deleted said brave soul off Facebook because they didn’t agree with what they were fighting for, how would what they’re fighting for make it through to conception? It wouldn’t. The concept would stay amongst the brave soul’s circle of acceptance and they would dance around it. (hopefully, that makes sense because it makes a TON of sense in my mind)

— –

I challenge you to embrace your individuality. Share your opinion and stand strong beside it. Start to listen to understand and NOT to respond. Learn how to disagree because disagreeing makes the world go around, as long as we do it right.

Learn how to fight for what you believe in and learn how to understand others when they do the same. Let’s all fight for what we believe in! Be the change.

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