Crystalchain and Be-Bound unite to extend traceability via blockchain

Be-Bound Team
Aug 23 · 3 min read

Crystalchain, a pioneer in the development of blockchain traceability solutions, and Be-Bound, leader of mobile network optimization, are partnering to develop a blockchain traceability solution for the most rural areas of the planet.

Be-Bound is the creator of the frugal and innovative technology: Augmented Connectivity, which increases the reach and efficiency of professional mobile apps worldwide, by optimizing data connectivity, without the need for any telecom infrastructure investment.

Crystalchain’s mission is to reinvent traceability by securing data with blockchain. From identifying product information, to following the steps of each actor involved in the chain of production, each step becomes unfalsifiable thanks to blockchain. From the first materials all the way to commercialization, blockchain makes it possible to deliver trusted products to customers.

Through this partnership, Be-Bound and Crystalchain are collaborating, and sharing their technical expertise, and technologies, in order to offer a global traceability solution to the most marginalized communities. Be-Bound is notably working with one of the leaders of Indian telecommunications (BSNL), to reduce the rural-urban digital divide in India. Concretely, this collaboration between Be-Bound and Crystalchain will enable tracing of agricultural products in emerging countries, identifying their origin from the beginning, and valorize the work of producers.

“The power of Be-Bound’s Augmented Connectivity is that it enables us to register information in the blockchain, even in areas with weak network coverage. The goal is to democratize access to a better traceability.” — said Sylvain Cariou, President and Co-Founder of Crystalchain

“With Crystalchain, our ambition is to contribute to the creation of the first global traceability solution made possible with blockchain, that functions where 95% of the world population lives and works. Combining blockchain with our frugal Augmented Connectivity technology, Crystalchain will bring unparalleled trust, security and coverage to supply chains and various industries, globally, and at the same time contribute to inclusion in zones of economic and social development.” — Yazid Chir, President and Co-Founder of Be-Bound

About Be-Bound :

Be-Bound’s Augmented Connectivity is a frugal technology that increases business efficiency and reach worldwide. By optimizing data connectivity for professional mobile apps & IoT, this patented technology enables mobile services to reach 95% of the world’s population, through existing mobile networks, without any additional infrastructure cost.

In emerging countries, Be-Bound multiplies addressable markets up to 3 times. In developed countries, Be-Bound solves critical connectivity issues. This technology is made for corporations, governments, mobile network operators, and developers, to increase their reach and revenues, while serving the unconnected, immediately, bridging the digital divide.

About Crystalchain :

Founded in 2016 by international experts in complementary sectors (strategy, industry, and IT) , Crystalchain develops traceability solutions on blockchain technologies. The company speaks at numerous conferences and represents France at the heart of its work in normalizing the blockchain internationally.


Our #B2B #mobile tech optimizes existing networks, bringing constant connectivity to all #Android smartphones & #IoT devices even without internet.

Be-Bound Team

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Our #B2B #mobile tech optimizes existing networks, bringing constant connectivity to all #Android smartphones & #IoT devices even without internet.

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