Giving back

Part of being braver means giving back when you have more than others and not taking more than your fair share in the first place.

So we decided to take a somewhat different approach to marketing our new collective to build an un-agency focussed on delivering value to not-for-profit enterprises. One way we can do this is by giving value directly to those who our clients work with, through free workshops, seminars, talks and guest lectures at Universities and colleges.

Another is to support local artists and give a hand to foster new talent here in and around Milton Keynes. We are now starting our ‘artist of the quarter’ series, which generates value through exposure as well as hard, cold cash.

Instead of yet another ‘send us your art and we use it free’ competition, we will actually give artists support in creating a presence, gain experience so they can sustain themselves and generate income from their creative output for them.

Please share

For this dear reader we need your help, and I like to ask you to share this post on your social media channel of choice (e.g. Ello, etc) and let your friends know that they can be braver with us.

What the artists get

  • Advice, mentoring, support in creating a sustainable creative business (I know, some of you will hate that word! But you got to be able to eat, right?).
  • An online presence, kick started by a microsite on our website as well as their own website (domain, hosting, etc).
  • Social media support and exposure through our own blogging and sharing of your work (during the quarter and on-going).
  • An online store that sells your artwork for them (not just the work they create for us).
  • Presence in our on-going marketing efforts for continued exposure.

What we get

  • Wonderful, creative art that people like to experience, wear and share.
  • Something that picks up our ‘brand values’ and puts it across in a personal and creatively enticing way.
  • It can be a poem, illustration, abstract piece of art, typography, photography, interpretive dance (maybe difficult to put on a t-shirt, although we’ll try our best), … all it needs to do is pick up on or otherwise incorporate the words ‘be braver’.
  • You do not need to incorporate our logo or colour scheme or what ever, just the words. Perhaps what they means to you… .
  • A chance to give back and create value for the artist and everyone who partakes in the art.

What we’ll create each quarter will be a limited run of high-quality t-shirts (with serial numbers), which we will market and sell for the artist who keep 100% of the profit.

We will also produce digital versions for social media and blogging, including sponsored posts (e.g. Instagram, Twitter) promoting the artist’s microsite and social media account. In other words we will pay to show the artists work and generate interest for them.

Get in touch

If you are interested or know somebody who might – please ask them to say, chat on Facebook or tweet us a message.