5 Bursts of Confidence from My 99U Confetti Drawer

The talks + the leaders that helped me accept my strengths and changed how I lead.

“I’m a trained graphic designer, what in the world am I doing talking about business? It took me a long time to realize that leadership isn’t something you read in a book — it’s something you bring from your personal expertise to the team. I define success as the happiness and growth that we create around us -sometimes that means having a confetti drawer.”

Tina Roth Eisenberg, Creative Mornings

What I learned: I am fully capable of creating things to solve problems & building a joyful business culture that celebrates individuals.

“In the era of social media we care too much about what everyone is going to think — this creates a culture of consensus. We need to empower risk taking and the pursuit of a great idea. Create a culture that sets the table for dissent.”

Todd Yellin, Netflix

What I learned: It takes a conscious effort to build a culture that breaks down barriers and invites dissent.

“Curiosity: It’s very useful to care about things that are not design — be interested in observing the world. Knowing exactly what you’re going to do is terrible for a creative person. Just do it.”

Tea Uglow, Google

What I learned: The creative journey should be led by curiosity and hold the freedom to try things, even when I don’t know what I’m doing.

via Super Heroic Editor

“People can only become what they see. By you being comfortable with your dream, you’re permitting someone else to pursue their dream. Persistence is the number one thing that separates good from great. So many of us tear down our own aspirations and project that on the ones around us.”

Jason Mayden, Super Heroic

What I learned: I’m creating my own archetype that could encourage young girls to follow in my footsteps. This gives me the courage to keep going, especially when it’s hard.

“The Messy Middle”

“Endurance & optimism are the tools to get through the messy middle. Accept the burden of processing uncertainty, and find ways to short circuit rewards during the long stretches. Care indiscriminately about what needs to happen to meet success, and compartmentalize insecurity work (the things that don’t move the ball forward, but you look at for assurance).”

Scott Belsky, Adobe

What I learned: Proactively look for things to celebrate, both personally and as a team — it’s important for maintaining energy & positivity. I have to stop doing the things that make me feel accomplished, the things that I know I can do well, and focus on conquering the challenges that will actually make significant impact.