Galen Lawson
Aug 7 · 3 min read

Hello Brllnt Superfans!

Summer is here and with it a nostalgia for clean oxygen and ice.

Wherever you’re spending your vacation — be it one of the two islands left on earth, or, let’s be honest, probably underwater — we hope you’re having fun and staying out of those deadly rays of sunshine.

SolarCoats on, people!

Here’s a treat from Brllnt Global headquarters: we’ve decided to resurrect the ‘retro’ version of our newsletter (instead of the typical direct-to-brain publication we’re all accustomed to). Hopefully enough of you still have those laughable old “screens” to read this.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed dusting off the old tools and ‘crafting’ it from scratch.

Blast from the Past

Remember your great-grandparents’ audio listening platform, Spotify?

Well, tune in on those retro 2090s beeps and continuous tones, baby!

Break out your Frequency Boots, get on the dance floor, and do the Tuning Fork!

Tech Leadership Conference, Lunar Surface

Best Western Moon, August 48th
Elizabeth Warren Ballroom

Stop by our Lunch-and-Learn session with Brllnt leadership. We’ll be thought-emitting (with mimosas!) our session ‘Drinking the Message’ — sharing our pioneering work in Liquid Advertising and how we overcame so many legal issues to get where we are today.

Fyre Festival 2119

We’re excited to partner with Lil’ Vapey and InstaFace at this exciting new music and parkour festival in an exotic paradise destination.

This is the can’t-miss party of the year!*

*Luxury volcanic moon location and lineup TBD.

>>Click to telepathically embed>>

Keep an eye on these hot trends this summer

  • Bench licking
  • Elevatoring
  • The color beige
  • Viral marketing — literally, it’s a health hazard
  • Staring contests
  • Beard Gardens

Check us out on InstaFace (because what else is there?) and enter our raffle to win a free ice cube!

Moved to the moon? Click here to sign up for our exclusive moon-only daily tips and tricks on staying hydrated, lunar living, and how to bedazzle your oxygen mask (but without the glitter, because it gets everywhere).

>>Click here for the Chinese version>>

Be Brllnt

Marketing is Design is Everything

Galen Lawson

Written by

Be Brllnt

Be Brllnt

Marketing is Design is Everything

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