Brllnt Presents: Kanye Madness

One cultural icon’s legacy is another person’s bracket.

March Madness turned into #MarchSadness when UMBC knocked out UVA and the Blue Devils lost to the Kansas Jayhawks. But we give it to 610 Sports Radio host Carrington Harrison for saving March with the only bracket still in the running: Kanye Madness.

#TeamBrllnt trashed our basketball brackets, and focused our interoffice competition toward the former self-proclaimed, Louis Vuitton Don. “Cam Jam” the Man, Production Master Flex, and Amanda “DJ Panda”, Content and Music Extraordinaire, took the first cut at debating the top 64 songs of the Kanye West catalog.

Whether you miss backpack and polo Kanye, yearn for “old Kanye” while listening to The Life of Pablo, or were slightly confused by Yeezus Kanye, follow Cam Jam and DJ Panda as we detail our Kanye Madness journey to the epic winner, song by song, album by album - because you can’t tell us nothing.

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