Celebrating DC’s Everyday InnoMAYtors

A Brllnt Case Study: InnoMAYtion Presented by Muriel Bowser

InnoMAYtion is an annual month-long initiative, hosted by the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED), that showcases DC’s tech and innovation ecosystem through a series of events.

Brllnt was tasked with engaging the DC community by highlighting the companies and people innovating in DC (“innoMAYtors”) and the programs from DMPED that are helping support that innovation.

Objective: Get people excited about InnoMAYtion by championing innovation in the District of Columbia.

Role: Campaign Strategy | Creative Direction, Social Media Strategy | Graphic Design | Website Development + Management | Analytics
Deliverable: One Month Campaign
Date: April to May 2018

2018 Results
hashtag impressions
3K engagements
1.8K clicks to site
41 innoMAYtor submissions

Shining A Light on InnoMAYtion Nation

Campaign Strategy
The primary challenge for InnoMAYtion was getting people to talk about it and finding the right community ambassadors.

We recognized this as an opportunity to elevate Washington, D.C.’s ranking as the #1 city for women in tech and a national leader in tech opportunities for the underserved by speaking directly to these communities and showcasing their impact on the city — and beyond.

Creative Direction
The base aesthetic was unapologetically bold, bright, and colorful — visuals that you can hear.

We used a graffiti background, notebook doodles, playful boxes, and cutout photos to create a layered, digital collage effect with a rhythmic flow. The main typeface was big and blocky and lent itself to being stacked and pushed around.

The brand rules: intense colors and quick and spontaneous design.

Logo Design
Since its inaugural year, the InnoMAYtion logo design has centered around the image of a lightbulb.

To better convey an innovative and forward-thinking spirit, we redesigned the logo with an abstracted CFL bulb — which we felt spoke more directly about innovation, sustainability, and smart technology than the good ol’ standard.

We also removed the annual date from the logo to build brand equity over the years. Honing in on a vibrant, energetic palette and choosing a modern, geometric typeface created a mark that will stand the test of time.

Pumping Up The Volume

InnoMAYtion isn’t just a campaign, it’s about an opportunity to connect with the #DCTech community and celebrate the work they have done to disrupt convention, build equity, break barriers, and shape movements.

We invited members of the DC business community to join the “InnoMAYtion Nation” and asked them to identify themselves as a Movement Maker, Barrier Breaker, Equity Builder, or Knowledge Seeker. We designed buttons and stickers to help expand the campaign offline and paired it with matching social content and digital stickers for the citizens of InnoMAYtion Nation to display online.

Social Media Strategy
We activated DMPED’s Twitter and Facebook pages with bold visuals and playful calls-to-attention that engaged the #InnoMAYtion community and generated excitement around upcoming events.

Ambassador toolkits, provided to all featured InnoMAYtors and partner organizations, included social posts, graphics and hashtags to encourage the broader #DCTech community to participate and share. We managed a month-long social content calendar and posting activity and listened to DMPED’s online audience. This resulted in more than 8 million organic impressions and 3 thousand organic engagements.