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A Brllnt Case Study: Washington DC Economic Partnership

May 11, 2018 · Unlisted

The Washington DC Economic Partnership is a public-private partnership whose primary mission is to attract, retain, and support businesses to and in Washington, D.C. Brllnt was tasked with influencing at least 20 decision makers at Fortune 100 companies to attend a fall FAM Tour of Washington, D.C.

Objective || Influence 20 decision-makers at Fortune 100 companies to attend a FAM Tour event in September 2017

Role: Campaign Strategy, Creative Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Media Planning, Buying, and Placement, Analytics
Deliverable: 4 Month Campaign
Duration: 3 months
Date: September 2016 — April 2017

82K engagements
18K clicks to site
36 qualified applications submitted

Understanding How to Talk the Talk

Campaign Strategy

The primary challenge for Washington, D.C. is skirting the federal and local perception without either one cancelling the other out. The secondary challenge is educating the greater business community about the thriving local economic development ecosystem.

Creative Direction

We had a very short timeframe to create awareness, connect with, engage, and ultimately commit top decision makers to attending a physical tour of Washington, D.C. We knew we had to create messaging that resonated by quickly identifying values important to founders and tapping into their motivations.

Meeting Executives Where They Are

Within Reach became the fundamental messaging of the campaign. When it comes to core values and motivations, founders and key executives typically look forward to their next move and strategize how to get from point A to point B as quickly, economically, and conveniently as possible.

With the “Within Reach” campaign, we were able to match those core values to assets available in Washington, D.C. including top talent, diversity, location, and accessibility.

Paid Media Strategy
We know that a well-planned organic strategy requires one thing we didn’t quite have: plenty of time. Instead, we optimized a paid social strategy around rich content.

Through interviews with D.C. economic experts, development and real estate investors, local makers, and tech startup founders we crafted articles that highlighted D.C.’s technology business sector, creative office space industry, and growing social impact economy.

This content fueled an ongoing email drip campaign, paid ad strategy, and organic social strategy. We also paired promoted content with a third-party ad strategy that highlighted the top rankings of D.C. compared to other cities alongside “within reach” creative to bring it all together.

Finally, we geofenced all paid media around conferences we knew top tech leaders were attending, top cities targeted for early startup sectors, and lookalike audiences based on traffic to site and engagement with ads.

Be Brllnt

Marketing is Design is Everything

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