Growth Levers: Why Some StartUps Succeed & Others Fail.

Bruno Aziza
Analytically Yours
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Mar 3, 2024


“Don’t Screw Around & Do Things That Can’t Be BIG

That’s advice from my friend Matt H. Lerner, the author of a NEW book: “Growth Levers”.

In this week’s CarCast, he and I break down:

  1. Why Some Startups Succeed & Others Fail
  2. The Pitfalls & Dysfunctions of OKRs
  3. The Patterns of Startup Failure
  4. The MOST Important Stages of a Customer Journey
  5. Mindset Shifts: Discovery Vs. Optimization

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📚 Notable Mentions of Steve Blank, Steve Blank, Jim Collins, and Clay Christensen.

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