The Metrics You CAN’T Afford To Ignore

Bruno Aziza
Analytically Yours
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2 min readMar 17, 2024


This week’s guest is so good I wish there was an 1-800 number to call him when I had questions on company building. Ray is a founding member of the SaaS Metrics Standards Board. His team runs the industry’s largest SaaS benchmarking Index — with 18,000 unique SaaS companies and over half a million data points!

  • Ray Rike is THE person you should know if you want to run a business with high discipline, efficiency and reliability.
  • In this CarCast, we’ve cover growth, profit, customer acquisition and churn metrics.
  • We talk about the 5 metrics you need to know in order to be an exceptional CEO and operator.

We cover:

  1. Rule of 40
  2. CAC Ratio
  3. CAC Payback Period
  4. NRR / GRR

I go “Warren Buffet” on Ray by asking to give them their top 10 priorities and then tell him “trash 2 through 10 and let’s focus on just #1”. See how he responds to that!


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