Dreaming Together

Humanity is waking up as Creativity.

I’ve been Dreaming with others for the last couple of months, working towards the 50 individual sessions I set as an arbitrary, doable, round number that would give me enough experience to understand better what I’ve been doing and to recognize potential next steps. These sessions have mostly had the tenor of ‘coaching’ sessions in a deeper register — but individual coaching is far from the destination here.

One of the reasons I’m using ‘Dreaming’ comes out of my thesis on Intersubjective Awareness Practices. During my research, I participated in a few practices that brought the group into an experience of recognizing that We in that room were creating this world and experience, moment to moment to moment. This was far from narcissistic, or solipsistic — rather, We recognized that whatever we are ‘underneath it all’ was no different than the Creative Power that brings the world into being. One of the qualities of the experience was a sense of “Dreaming,” and I began to refer to it as “Collective Lucid Dreaming.”

Dreaming-as-coaching is just one way of preparing the field for this — of getting all of the different ways we push this recognition away from us. But where we’re heading is something radical.

As we are awakening to an identity as creativity, as wholeness, as living, as intelligence, we are taking into our own hands a collective capacity for world-making. While this can all seem serious, and it certainly is felt with an unmatched urgency — this is not only about our survival, about our managing our current existential collective crises. Dreaming allows us to enter into the Creative flow of life consciously together to bring about a world of human thriving we can only barely sense today.

This is part of a larger hyper-article on the practice of Dreaming. If you’re interested in more, you can start here.