Working with ‘Knots’

Reclaiming our own Creative Energy in Dreaming

I use the term ‘Knot’ to mean a place where our life doesn’t flow in the ways that we want it to.

On one side of the Knot are our Desires. Part of the work of Dreaming is to uncover in deeper and deeper layers what is true for us, what it is that we Desire. At the heart, we find transpersonal desires: the desire to show up in the world as Love, to Be of service to Life, that all beings may be happy, etc. But even having clarity on our personal needs and desires is helpful: I need an income, I want a life partner that respects me.

On the other side of the Knot lies what we believe to be possible — both about the world (what is real in terms of what we assume about Life in general), and what actions we believe we can take.

Somewhere between what we Desire and what we Believe to be possible, things have gotten screwed up. That ’screwing up’ I call a ‘knot,’ and as we Dream together, we spend time traversing the many complex strands that have gotten all tangled up — but always with an eye on the fact that really, this is one thread, and at any moment that singularity — the simple connection between what we really, truly want to see and be in the world, and what we know is possible — pops into place.

Somewhere between what we Desire and what we Believe to be possible, things have gotten screwed up.

We have many mini-knots, each one reflecting what I call a “Root-Pattern.” Your Root Pattern is the way in which you metabolize energy to create the world around you, whose Active nature you’ve lost touch with. From the perspective of our personality, our Root-Pattern seems to condition us in ways that limit our creative freedom. From the perspective of Dreaming, it’s merely one particular way in which we condition our reality around us — that is, it’s an expression of that Creativity, not a limitation of it. As we relax Identity into the Activity of the moment to moment, we are re-identifying with the underlying activity that all manifestation is. This is a very different kind of identity.

Practically, this could look many ways. In a session, we enter into Dreaming in a combination of depth and potential: that is, we want to be in as deep a state as possible, while still not spending a whole two hours on bringing a state of Dreaming about. The View is more important than the state. From here, insight may simply arise, and we’ll then pay attention on ways of practically moving that insight into reality. We may work with bodily fields, ways in which different parts of our body hold different energies more easily, which feel ‘stuck’ and which separate our bodies. We may work on Voice dialogue, reclaiming your ability to speak as eddies in life you feel cut off from. We may strengthen your ability to see directly from a place underneath your identity; we may do any of a number of things.

But all is in service of the awakening of your Unconditionally Creative Being.

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