As I began my walk with the understanding that I would have specific challenges — or what I like to call “growing pains” — I was presented with the challenge of letting go; not in the sense of me particularly running rapidly with scissors in my hands and cutting off everything or person in my life, but embracing what and who consciously let go of me. I recognized that although I was devoted, those relationships had run their course.

One day a facetious thing happened, I was faced with letting go of some things I struggled with internally. I had to face the truth about me. I developed an understanding that there is much depth in letting go. Letting go is not limited to one’s bonding and attachments in relationships. Often times, letting go speaks to the power of us learning to forgive ourselves, our past and our mistakes. To be courageous enough to set ourselves free from our own mental bondage and no longer allow others to hold us captive.

Can you imagine the emotional state of being I was in? I can’t say that it all made sense to me naturally…spiritually…well let’s just say I deliberated for a while figuring things out. Trust, it was not an easy task, yet so critical to my becoming.

Here are some lessons letting go has taught me:

  1. Don’t force it! — Do not fight so hard to hold on to those things and people which are toxic to your becoming. We, in our infinite wisdom, voluntarily make conscious decisions to remain in unhealthy relationships in hopes that there will be change. On the other hand, some relationships may not be toxic, but they have taken their course to an unexpected end. That relationship has already proven to you its authentic identity; cry, learn, forgive and move on. Remember, where we are in life is a direct reflection of our choices.
  2. Learn the Lesson- Be mindful of the lesson and respect it. Do not curse it, run from it or ignore it; face it head on. Understand that there is a valuable lesson to learn even in this or you will find yourself in a constant cycle of the same results.
  3. Embrace Change- Do not be afraid of change. Embrace it. Manage the things you have control over rather than exerting energy to the things you do not have control over. The one thing you surely have control over is your response. Let life divinely flow that it may bring forth fruit, personal growth, peace and strength. Just as the seasons change, so does life.
  4. Forgive Yourself- Yes, people will talk and bring up your past to others, so what! You are not your past. We’ve all made mistakes and none of us are perfect. Don’t hold yourself hostage to your past. When someone tries to bring up your past, you just tell them “I’m better because of it”! and move forward towards your destiny.

Exhale and enjoy YOUR Life’s journey. There will be distractions and opportunities to grow, welcome those opportunities with open arms!

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” ~Steve Maraboli~

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