Magic Passion Love

Everyday life can be challenging. It’s how we use the energy created through our experiences that determines if we will move through life with or without struggle. It takes immovable faith and belief in yourself to see each experience, good or bad, as an opportunity and to embrace these opportunities as a well of unlimited possibilities — that is yours for the taking. You are Not Alone!

Like many, I have struggled with the prospect of sharing my work with the world. Once I figured out how to have faith in myself, I learned how to access the renewable, sustainable energy source within and I soon discovered the power of turning challenges into opportunities. And from opportunities, unlimited possibilities are birthed.

On my journey to cultivating faith I discovered a very simple, yet profound, mantra for developing “self love.” The lack of loving oneself fully, is the chief roadblock to manifesting the life we want, the career we want and the joy-filled journey we all deserve. I call this mantra , Magic Passion Love; and it is the reason I am able to share my works with the world today.

I allow my magic. I feel my passion. I live my love. It feels good.

I discovered Magic Passion Love in summer of 2003. I was broke, frustrated with my creative process and bored. This was a feeling that I kept repeating in my life since my early 20s. I was exhausted of feeling out of control over my destiny. It was time for me to take inventory of what was working and what was not working in my life. To do this, I had to make one more stupid choice. That choice was finding men on Craig’s List who would pay me to have sex with them.

My friends and I often pondered about the one job men pay women to do. I justified my reasons as to why this was a right decision for me to make money; I was single, smart, and a feminist who had full choice over my body. And Moulin Rouge had just come out so the idea of being a “courtesan” sounded fun; especially if a man like Ewan McGregor falls in love with you!

My career as courtesan didn’t last very long. On my first, and last date I got completely drunk and before sex he paid me $200. This was not the first time I’d had sex with a stranger, but it was the first time someone paid me for it. That experience caused something profound within me and that is when I realized how much I needed “Magic Passion Love” in my life.

I had recently started attending a Reiki Energy Circle at a local natural foods grocery store. Never heard of Reiki before, but what caught my attention was the sign that read “Free Energy Healing” — perfect for the unemployed person. A beautiful compassionate reiki master named Franchesca conducted these weekly circles. One week, after one of the circles Franchesca offered me a private Reiki session which coincidently was the day after my career as a sex worker had begun.

On that massage table during my Reiki session my heart opened up a place where I felt safe. I felt ashamed for my past actions, but grateful that something was about to shift. This was the start of my heart opening so that I could fully embrace my life’s mission. I realized that I could never mix MONEY and SEX because of the intensity of the energy that is created by both.

I had a revelation: Our society is out of balance in so many areas because we do not honor the “energy” that we create. Money is an energy source that is used to meet our physical needs and wants; it should not be mixed with creating the Life Energy Source that comes with feeling secure because you have it. Sex creates an energy between two people that brings you to the feeling of bliss. That same blissful feeling can be felt when your heart is open to the Divine Energy source. Sex is very spiritual and should be honored, however, mixing the energy source of manifesting money with sex can create a distraction and become a weapon.

Don’t question the how, honor the why.

A few days later I was walking my dog down Avenue A thinking about my life and how I could make money, when three words came to me: Magic Passion Love. My first response was, “How am supposed to pay my rent with magic passion love?” Then I heard this, “When you allow your magic, feel your passion, live your love and share it, you will have financial abundance.” Something inside me told me to trust this and not question the how just honor the why. This was the start of my journey to self love and my understanding of energy consciousness. I let go of the resistance to control my destiny and instead let my spirit guide me.

By July 2005, I was ready to fully embrace my life’s purpose. I manifested my first art studio and began to share the ideas of Magic Passion Love through events, art and performance. I am still doing this today.

I feel good that I use my my skills and talents (magic) to be a good citizen, achieve personal goals (passion) and generate more positive energy (love) to give to the world. This feeling has a ripple effect and helps me, help others feel good about their lives and in turn they add their own energy into the mix!

Magic Passion Love, a renewable, sustainable energy source found with in all of us. When used, Life feels good, when shared, WOW!

It’s important to access the Cosmic POWER of Magic Passion Love … even on the challenging days when you forget why you are here.Everyone has one life purpose. Each person has their own individual way of discovering their path as long as they are open to listening to their spirit.

It takes courage to believe in magic
It takes hope to have passion
It takes practice to love
All of this takes time — and funny thing …there is enough time.

Urgency moves me nowhere
Slowing down gets me now here
You are exactly where you need to be

Imagine if everyone allowed, felt and lived their Magic Passion Love.

It’s possible!

The world needs your wow!