The Power of

Focused Intent

The key to being successful –at anything– is focused intent. Filter out the “noise;” the naysayers, the realists, the Debbie downers and anyone who plants doubt in your mind or questions your ability to succeed. It is essential to success, that resolve be your guide, determination be your fuel, and unrelenting optimism [faith] be your continued state of being. No matter what you endeavor to do, focused intent is required to bring it to fruition.

The power of focused intent has been the subject of many books written by business moguls, self-help experts and spiritual leaders alike. Some call it faith; others refer to it as the law of attraction, but I simply believe it is the principle of coordinating your intentions with your desires. It matters not what your spiritual preference is because all of these concepts mean the same thing: focused intent.

For new business owners focused intent is the key ingredient to success. When you start a new business you obviously want it to be a success, right? Unless you’re up to some crooked venture, but that’s a whole other article. Moving right along. In order for your business to succeed you must put in the work to make that happen by taking some action.

Let’s use a cake baking business as an example. If you want to earn a profit from your cake baking business you must actually bake a cake. But you cannot stop at just baking the cake; you have to tell someone– or many one’s–that you have a cake for sale. So here’s how this works: Wanting to start the cake baking business is your “desire.” Actually starting the business and then baking a cake to sell are the actions confirming your “intentions.” Get it now?

You have to physically DO SOMETHING to unleash the flow of success.

Your actions shouldn't stop here, however. Now you must continue with focused intent by becoming the biggest cheerleader [marketer] of your cakes. Everyone you meet should know that you bake cakes and that these cakes are up for sale. And when you make a small profit from your first round of cake sales you should reinvest it into your business until you create a cascading effect of success. If you love it, it will grow!

But there’s more to focused intent than just baking and selling; because while you’re busy telling everyone across the land about your cake baking business, life is happening. Friends, family, society, next. Don’t let life sway you into floundering, maintain your resolve and stay focused. This may require some hard life changes because once you’re in the focused intent zone, you’ll know it. Maybe your friends call and invite you to an activity that isn't adding to the success of your business and you graciously decline in favor of prioritizing your businesses needs over socializing. Or perhaps family pressures begin to surface, but they make you work harder than you ever dreamed you would and you achieve things you never knew you could (no crediting to Dr. Seuss). And the biggest clue is when the naysayers, realists and impromptu subject matter experts swarm around you with their unsolicited dialog-of-the-day; you filter them out like water off a ducks back and keep moving forward. Then you know you are in the focused intent zone and success is surely within your grasp.

If you stay the course and focus on building your business by doing one thing extremely well first, you will develop a loyal base of customers, clients or supporters who will follow you just about anywhere.

Most importantly, maintain positive internal dialog. Don’t forget to remind yourself of how awesome you are everyday of your journey and surround yourself with people who are cheerleaders for your cause. People are either adding and multiplying, or subtracting and dividing in your life; prune those who subtract and divide from your life’s tree. Cultivate the habit of searching out positive quotes to feed your mental appetite.

“Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavor to live the life you’ve always dreamed of and you will meet with a success, unexpected, in common hours.” Henry David Thoreau

And finally, this week’s recommended read is The Power of Focus: How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Certainty (2001) by Jack Canfield, Mark Viktor Hansen and Les Hewitt. This book will provide you with actual strategies and exercises to develop focused intent and great content to add to your “I’m Awesome” library. With a bit of mind development, desire and intention, you shall have that for which you ask. You got this! Now go BE EPIC!

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