7 Top Tips To Repurpose Blog Posts

(And Explode Your Traffic!)

Write blog posts on a regular basis, and you’ll start to attract increasing traffic to your site. But it takes time.

Here I reveal 7 top ways — with examples — you can start to accelerate that process. It involves simply repurposing your blog posts in different formats and media.

Content repurposing means you get your message in front of different audiences on different platforms across the web. These are all people you would otherwise be unlikely to reach.

In addition, it can help the authority of your own website in the search engines, thanks to a rounded link profile from authority sites.

1. Publish on Pulse and Medium

LinkedIn Pulse and Medium allow you to get your content — and therefore, your business — in front of quality audiences that can drive significant click-throughs to your website.

However, don’t submit the exact same content that’s on your blog. You need to keep the content on your own site unique in order to build your authority.

Instead, rewrite the content as a new article and submit that. The article you create can also be used for #7 below.

If you’re wondering whether this story itself was repurposed from an original blog post, you’d be correct:

And here’s the same content, repurposed for LinkedIn Pulse:

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2. Create a Slideshow

Create a slideshow — or presentation — based on your blog post, and submit it to SlideShare.

SlideShare, again owned by LinkedIn, is in the top 200 most popular sites. Google sees it as an authoritative site with good content, and so presentations on it can get good search visibility.

Also, because of the association with LinkedIn, the traffic tends to be high quality, generally professionals with higher levels of disposable income. It can therefore drive quality visitors to your website who may be easier to convert to leads and customers.

Don’t forget to include a call to action at the end of your presentation that encourages viewers to visit your website.

Here’s an example, showing how this story looks on SlideShare:

For more detail on exactly how to do this, see the following related content:

3. Submit a Video to YouTube

If you’ve already created a presentation for SlideShare, simply record your screen as you run through the presentation. You’ll then have a video you can submit to YouTube.

Try using your blog post as a script and add a voiceover.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and the third most popular site. This is an easy way to get your business in front of your marketplace on a regular basis.

You can watch the video related to this content here:

4. Guest Post

Contact other blogs in your niche and offer them free content that will be unique for them, in return for your byline pointing back to your site.

You can simply rewrite and reformulate posts on your own blog to create unique guest posts for other blogs.

Don’t forget your byline and call to action at the end!

5. Publish a Regular Ezine

For each blog post you create, use it as the basis for communication with your list.

Send out a regular ezine, and include a teaser paragraph with the link back to your post to encourage your subscribers to read the rest.

This builds your relationship with your list and helps them become familiar with your website.

Here’s a screenshot of an example email I currently send out each time I publish to the vWriter blog:

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6. Start Podcasting

Podcasts are rapidly growing in popularity. Nearly a fifth of all Americans for example listen to at least one podcast a month (Edison Research).

Take advantage by using your blog posts as the basis of new podcast episodes.

You could even extract the audio from the video (#3 above) for use in the podcast, and simply add an intro and outro that’s distinct for your podcast.

7. Submit to Article Directories

Article directories are some of the most popular sites online.

As an example, EzineArticles is one of the top 2000 most visited sites. See my own expert author page on the site, now with hundreds of articles published that continue to send me traffic.

It’s easy to take advantage of as you can simply use the same content submitted to LinkedIn Pulse or Medium.

Finally, remember social media is now crucial for any business.

With all the content you’ve created via the tips above, you now have a lot of potential updates for your social audience to keep your business front-of-mind and attract your marketplace.


For more information on why content marketing — and using tactics like those shared here — is now crucial for your business to effectively reach your marketplace, download your free copy of my special report:
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Do these tactics work? Proof is in the pudding. You’re reading this aren’t you?

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