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Letter sent on Jul 22, 2015

Join Us As We Revolutionize Nutrition

Today’s a big day in our mission to help people live healthier lives.

We’re officially launching Nourish, our connected personal nutrition system, via an Indiegogo campaign. It’s an exciting moment for the FitNatic team, but the journey to this point began quite a while ago.

It started by recognizing that managing nutrition is hard for most people. Many of us rely on over-the-counter supplements, vitamins, shakes and powders, but unless you’re a registered dietitian or have access to a personal trainer, you might not know how to optimize your nutrition for the best results.

And even if you’re a fitness fanatic who knows exactly what to consume and in what quantities, trying to manage your supplement and nutrient intake takes time, money and a lot of attention.

At the same time, proper nutrition is one of the most important tenets to a balanced and healthy life. Everyone’s needs are different, and we believe that technology can help raise the level of sophistication around personal nutrition.

To this point, connected devices like fitness trackers and wearable bands have only gone so far as to collect and display personal health data. What these devices don’t do is make all that information actionable so you can take the next best step for your nutrition.

That’s why we created Nourish. It’s a Wi-Fi enabled nutrient dispenser that sits right on your countertop and connects to all top wearable fitness trackers, like Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple Watch. Like an in-home nutritionist, Nourish will mix a precise blend of supplements from 16 different dietary containers — or “Seeds” — based on analysis of your fitness, nutrition and sleep data.

Once it finds the right mix, Nourish will drop your personalized blend into a Pod, and you can add the blend to any drink. The blends are adaptive and data-driven — Nourish learns from your everyday activity to recommend the right mix for that moment, whether you’ve had a hard workout and need to recover, or are short on sleep and need some energy.

It’s a fast, easy way to make sure you’re getting the most appropriate nutrients for your personal needs. And it takes all the guesswork out of personal health and wellness, while also turning that data that your fitness tracker has been collecting into a valuable action.

You can learn much more about Nourish and how it works by visiting our Indiegogo campaign page. It’s available exclusively on Indiegogo starting at $299 for early birds.

We’re excited to bring personalized nutrition to the masses, and to share our vision for the future of health and wellness. We think you’ll be just as excited to try it out.

- The Fitnatic Team