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This is an email from Beloved Letters, a newsletter by Beloved.

Beloved Is Where It All Starts With Love

Introducing our publication newsletter: “Beloved Letters.”

Photo by Brian Lundquist on Unsplash

This is the installment piece for what I envision as a new series of love letters from our Beloved editorial and a step forward towards what Ev Williams describes as a new format of relational media, bringing editors, writers, and readers closer together within our publishing platform.

Beloved was first published on June 3, and within our first month, we have been steadily scaling our outreach. Yesterday, July 7, Beloved crossed its first milestone reaching 50 followers.

This is the fastest rate of growth I’ve seen so far when comparing Beloved to other publications within our editorial group, and we couldn’t have done it without all your engaging stories.

Hereunder, you’ll find some data concerning our publication growth during the first month. We’re open for submissions and welcome new writers to our guild. Thus we would appreciate it if you could spread the word and introduce Beloved to your inner circle.

Beloved Analytics [June-July]

Data about Beloved by Medium

Minutes read — 8,820

  • The total amount of time users spent reading Beloved.

Views — 6,899

  • The total number of views Beloved has received on all posts and pages.

Visitors (30-day average) — 182

  • The average number of unique daily visitors who have visited Beloved. Each visitor is counted once per day, even if they view multiple pages or the same page multiple times.

Final Thoughts

We would love to hear from you, so please get in touch with us if you would like to know more or have any questions or suggestions; you can always contact us via the Medium built-in features or by email at

Looking forward to hearing from you belovers!

Until next time, many thanks! -RA

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