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Beloved Letters Issue #2: Christmas Prompt

Packed with handpicked sweet November stories

Photo by Eleonora Albasi on Unsplash

Beloved Christmas Challenge

The Christmas season is finally here, and so Beloved will be hosting a special writing event for the season: Beloved Christmas.

Time to get into the Christmas spirit and write some wonderful love stories.

To make this possible, we have created a new navigation placeholder on the Beloved homepage to showcase the stories you write under this prompt.

Join our writing chain by adding the tag “Beloved Christmas” before hitting “Publish” to ensure your story gets featured.

To spark your creativity and share the love, you can take inspiration from the following stories written by belovers from across the Beloved multiverse that we have selected especially for you.

Sweet November Beloved Stories

💚 Colleen Sheehy Orme | Nov 1

A Narcissist Is an Emotional Stalker

But society only recognizes physical ones.

💚 Ezekiel Brown | Nov 3

8 Things Men Look Out For In A Woman That Make Them Stay With Her

Attracting a man to you is important, but what is more important is making him stay with you.

💚 Jennifer Pitts | Nov 3

Why You Should Know Your Erotic Blueprint

It can change everything you thought you knew about sex.

💚 Lori Welch Brown | Nov 4

How Do You Recognize When It’s Love vs Lust and/or Obsession?

It doesn’t have to bowl you over, but it also doesn’t have to hurt.

💚 Chai Steeves | Nov 8

What Is The Craziest Place You Have Ever Had Sex

I’ve got some pretty good ones.

💚 Ezekiel Brown | Nov 13

These 4 Reasons Some Guys Are Not Interested In Beautiful Ladies Will Surprise You

I used to have some of these opinions about beautiful girls until I got close to some of them.

💚 Shannon Vaughn | Nov 16

5 Sure Fire Ways To Get Rid Of Your Wife

This works for husbands too.

💚 Anggun Bawi | Nov 18

5 Traits You Should Never Tolerate in a Relationship

I didn’t know my ex gaslighted me until years later when I truly learned the definition of it

💚 Toni Crowe | Nov 18

Older Americans Are Having Adventurous Sex

Let’s make sure nobody gets hurt.

💚 Melissa Alvarez | Nov 23

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Down

Dating down can backfire.

💚 Joshua Idegbere | Nov 26

15 Compliments Men Can’t Resist

The secret to make him feel special and delight him beyond words!

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now, dear Belovers, if you have ideas or suggestions to make our community an even better place for your stories, please do not hesitate to leave a reply or send a private message. We welcome and appreciate your opinions that help us grow together.



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