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Semantic Oddest

Expressive Catharsis

Sajad Nori + Unsplash

between the idea and its letter,
methodical synergy
ambivalent ending;
compound, past
and perfect …
constitutes the amalgam
of the mind,
vital and destructive
provocative exponential;
voracious cosmopolitan
and suitor …
with random words
-Inferior replicas of her-;
denounced and complainant,
recreates the tortuous way
conceived transcendent …

Thanks for reading me:-) !!!

Ideática Semántica

Catarsis Expresiva

Sajad Nori + Unsplash

la connivencia
entre la idea y su letra,
metódica sinergia
ambivalente desinencia;
compuesta, pretérita
y perfecta…
constituye la amalgama
de la mente,
vital y destructiva
exponencial provocativa;
cosmopolita voraz
y pretendiente..
con palabras azarosas
-inferiores réplicas de ella-;
denunciada y denunciante,
recrea tortuosa la manera
concebida trascendente…

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