Hi, I’m Arielle Simoncelli, creator of Be on the Ballot — an online resource intended to demystify the process of running for state and local office by sharing stories straight from those who have been on the ballot. Through our interviews, we uncover their advice, tips, and strategies about running for office, being in office, and much more.

I was inspired to create Be on the Ballot after attending the 2016 Facing Race Conference. During the conference, I was reminded that there are over half a million publicly elected positions in the U.S., but only 10% are held by people of color and less than 20% are held by women (read more). I left the meeting frustrated knowing that if we aren’t intentionally building capacity for others to run, being real about the influence of money in politics, and challenging the status quo, we will continue to foster this lack of inclusion.

With Be on the Ballot, we are sharing the stories of those with the least amount of seats held in public office across the country, including women, people of color, individuals who identify as LGBTQI, and those with diverse religious beliefs, socioeconomic backgrounds, and “non-traditional” paths to office.

If you know a person’s story we should share, visit Get in Touch on our site to let us know. I hope you share Be on the Ballot with friends and family!

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