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Be Open

A would-be writer at play.

Musings of a trip to southern California

Photo by Ahmad Sepehrnia on Unsplash

I left my home in Mendocino early, taking the twist of licorice I call highway 1, cutting inland at Bodega, stopping off in the beautiful town of Petaluma for tea and toast. By 10:00 am, I’m heading down highway 101, toward San Francisco.

I’ve come to think of San Francisco not as a city; it is a midway Plaisance. People…




Here you can publish stories and feelings about anything; relationship, nature, sexuality, life and many more from real and honest perspective. Our motto: Write just the way you are. It’s okay to be imperfect. Don’t worry to be different. We all respect your opinion.

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Harry Hogg

Harry Hogg

I was born in London, adopted, lived my youth on an island off the coast of Scotland. Now living between Colorado, Missouri, California. I write to be loved

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