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Be Open (More About Me) - Ashmeen Kaur

Extrovert, writer. Believe in spirituality and want to tell you more.

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My Bio

My Name is Ashmeen Kaur and belongs to Sikh Community. I live in India and proud to be an Indian. I am a fun-loving and extrovert person. I always say ‘Belief in Yourself’ (being a spiritual healer and motivator) to myself and others.

Some Facts About ME

I’m 30 years old. Single. Lovable Family.
Indian, born in Sikh cultured Joint family.
Started writing in March 2021 — I am a writer from my childhood times
Called Fun Bomb among my personal network
Anxious, Learner and Educationist.

Freelance writer and Sales professional in Education Industry

My students are assets to me.
Down to earth personality type.
My appearance is simple and decent, as I want to be as pure as the soul of the child.

I’m a Forever Student

Usually, till the age of 30, most of us think to settle down in life. But I have unique thought about it. I always want to be a student, as learning has no age limits. Learning here, I treat it to be enhancing knowledge by learning new skills and talents that we can bear if we’re focussed on it.

How I started My Writing Journey

I used to love writing from my childhood when I am into extracurricular activities in school. I used to write content for my debates, seminars, presentations and even script when I hosted events as anchoring in Inter schools as well.

Once I was promoted to Xth standard, I stopped writing as I need to work on academics. I got excellent results and completed my schooling. Once I entered college life; I restarted to work on my writing along with my studies. For three years; I paused, writing to focus more on the academic score, but writing is still somewhere in me.

During my graduation, I started my career as a faculty in a coaching centre and later; I shift towards freelance writing. I am enjoying the role of management in the Education Industry as well.

Being in Education Industry for a long time. I always feel connected to the community of learners.

Because of hectic lifestyles, I don’t get time for content writing much. I moved to Medium in 2020 lockdown times. I joined the platform for reading valuable content. Later on, these pandemic times realise me to use this best time to move towards writing about productivity, relationships, personality development and work life.

My Interests & passions

I am very passionate about my interests and hobbies. I used to read and write a lot. I enjoy dancing and workouts to keep me motivated. I am a person who likes to be busy as I don't like to sit idle. I love to go to hangouts with friends and family. I always take time for self-care.

My Vision

I am here on earth to share my experience and knowledge and help to grow others. I try to give high values through my content.

My Writings by Topic



Personality Development

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