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The whole thing is said and done. Writing about yourself is the most challenging job in the world. Few things I can confidently be outspoken about me in a crash course. I can beat any alarm clock in the world, I’m allergic to Mathematics & I have the worst handwriting in the world.

For the rest of my narration, I want to feed a few people a chance to vent out as I don’t want to end up boasting about myself.

Mother: She was born in Libya, Tripoli. At Ramzan’s time, except for one nurse, the rest had left me in God’s name. Fortunately, however, we succeeded. For us, the Musketeers, it seemed a revival as she was not ready to come out through the suitable itinerary. Her untimely devastation left the nurse and me sweaty. Finally, there was no choice but to cut open me up for having her pop out.

Me: I slated to be born in that home as God stamped the address on my bum before dispatching to the stork department. He pinched me & said, you are the naughty one. So I’m sending you to a house where even if my sun and moon cannot reach you as a ray. You will always find the tiny beam of happiness around. I was the most loved and spoiled brat in the house. My parents and the symphonic orchestra have an older brother who was a little difficult to understand.

Brother: Mom, when I get big, I want to become a Police Inspector. Because after I acquire a weapon, the first person I want to kill is Diya.

Me: I am always thankful and proud that he thought to do it legally. Me and my brother I have had a love-hate relationship. I recollect a few things between us which are unerasable other than our relationship Where equality reigned between my brother and me. On second thought, I feel I had the upper hand by being the younger one. At many times, I have had my brother resounding in a vindictive tone, “You love her more”. Mathematics has never been my favorite topic; I’m still weak. But my brother taught me that Love is quantifiable. But it doesn’t mean I could have both “chicken legs”. I always wondered, thank God the chicken has two legs, or my mother chose the right one always. Otherwise, instead of the home of free thought, it would have been in a dictatorial environment. Where I’m sure my dad would have gobbled on the exclusive one.

Dad: She’s my brightest color in the rainbow. She is a very disciplined person, a rare soul whom I have met in life. I always thought she was a good fit for the army. Without training, she scores a bullseye with an Air Gun. I invariably end up asking her who do you visualize while doing it. She smiles & winks it off.

Me: My dad rattled a ship; he’s my superhero. Yes, he worked in the Merchant Marine. Now he is enjoying his retirement life by growing organic produce and feeding himself. He has yet to see in reverse form as a green colossal.

As a bit of fry, enjoying being a daughter, I was cuddled by my father cynosure and an infection in my brother’s eyes. Then, as the cynosure of my father, I realized that he had transmitted to me his myopia. Yes, where far-off things never exist. I believe I was at a point where my arm length was my barometer. But, over and above this, everything was a mirage.

My Bitter Half: When I first saw her, I lost my mind, then my sight, and eventually, it was the heart.

Me: I knew that something did not correspond as the heart is the first thing to lose in Love. But I like challenging people; it doesn’t matter. When my husband proposed to me with a ring, I became perplexed. After that, it followed by my automatic stream of tears. Surprisingly, it began to rain made me feel the sky wept with me for wasting so much valuable time with this guy. As for the confusion, how will I get into it? It was ten times my size. Even out of emotion, I need to wear at times like a belt will be unmanageable. This ring will also be a coward looser with no grip on a nine-month belly during my pregnancy. Seeing a hula hoop ring, anybody would’ve said no. Other concerns shot up as well. Does he expect that someday I’ll be so enormous to fit inside? If my bitter half would not have made his next move by putting it around me & fitting in too. Rounded off by saying,” we’re perfect together”. That was Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. That is called a third-degree surprise. I’m glad I made it through the heart attack.

Fire Crackers

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Mental asylum as I will forever grant to live to stand up comedy.

What is one childhood memory about your sibling you can’t forget?

He felt it was no more a pineapple pastry by consuming out the pineapple piece from the top of his favorite pineapple pastry. Next, he made me learn how a heart cry and where the eyes do not have the right to appear.

What is your favorite memory of your hometown?

As the children watched the buffalo nibble on this undiscovered aloe vera plant, they never showed any change in their beauty.

Which school subject has been the most important in your life?

Tap Dance I can do it with my feet, my hands and my head. The days I decide to give rest to my mouthpiece. It becomes my communicator. It depends on the gravity of the interrogation — the lightest starts from the foundations & the irritating one end with my head banging.

Will you discipline your kids the same way your parents disciplined you?

Stricter than that. Today, newborns choose their names Where Standing at plus three also shy in giving it forth.

Which famous athlete would you love to meet?

He who’s always been the last He will deliver a much deeper awareness.

What wildlife would you like to tame and keep your pet?

Crocodile they look vile & dangerous. Let me name him Hitler after I domesticate him. He can be my livelihood. The kind of money I can’t make in comedy. We can go down the street, spread out my hat for the royal presence.

What would you value more about a family reunion vacation or couple vacation?

Family Reunion Vacation if I had none, I would never have realized the divine qualities I cultivate. Non-stop arguments, Breaking into fistfights, Drowning each other in the water at the count of 10. Whenever I’m missing a circus, I phone in for Family Reunions.

What’s the best junk food ever created?


When you dip it in sauce, try to take the world’s most giant bite. But it’s still tiny for a burger leaves you vanquished, with red bloodstains in the corner of your mouth.

Birth Defects

Beauty sleep: Sleep, and I drive in the opposite direction. I judge my mind runs faster than me.

Messy Eye Sight: I ended up with two lasers. Presently I’m blessed with no glasses & contact lenses. But I’m sure the view still isn’t a six-by-six.

Muddle teeth: I’ve always had my teeth outside. Yeah, I know in the open mouth, it receives to be, halfway it was alright. But while closing, two front teeth refused to endure by being demonstrative like a bunny. Thank God we had braces like a gun that stretched out and kissed up.

To sum up all this me & much more than this. My literature always reflects my shadow as I can’t purely live a life of fiction without mixing myself in it. You can call it my strength or my weakness.

If there’s more time for me…



Wicked Diya Saini
Be Open

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