Beneath the Moon’s Madness

A Fantasy

Sumaya Ali [Veronica Thompson-Smith]
Be Open


In the darkness, truths become distorted and monsters come alive.

The quote from Dark Side of the Moon.

Alfred-Stephens@NightCafe.AI [Author's Image]

Under the moon’s pale light, madness was born in the heart of the forest.

Far off in its depths, whispering the stories of ages past. They say that terror has been lurking in the shadows, the beast they refer to as Olith having the capability of destroying their dreams and being fueled by the darkness that serves his purposes.

Tonight as the village slept, Olith the monstrous creature slithered out, gleaming with hunger and striking wrath at its eye lust.

No more a myth.

Pandemonium became real and the people's terrified cries pierced the night. Scampering out in the street, painted red by blood. Frantic steps pounded the pavement while fleeing and seeking cover.

Alfred-Stephens@NightCafe.AI [Author’s Image]

In the gloom of the moon’s dim light, a hero arose out of the insanity of the chaos. Call it divine intervention. A brave lad by the name of Ethan dared to confront the beast, with his sword, fighting for the life of the town’s people. The clash of steel and roar of fury echoed through the night. With each clash, the moon bore witness to the mayhem in the shadows at the turmoil.

They could only rely on the sharpness of this small human’s wits to match the ferocious beast that embodied their worst nightmare.

With a final strike, the unrelenting hero slays the threatening monster.

The moon, gloriously glittering with a hush now, bore witness to the triumph of Ethan’s courage. Cast its gentle light upon a world, no longer ruled by fear and shadows.

This is my first time writing a fantasy theme story. All constructive criticisms are welcome

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Sumaya Ali [Veronica Thompson-Smith]
Be Open

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