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I Have Enough Grounds To Say It

Facebook Should Be Banned

Shorter the Sweeter or Perspiring?

Facebook will burn in hell no, no, not because I don’t exploit it. I believe it’s kiddish, or maybe you can pluck it the other way. I think I’m way more intelligent than this app.

Who tries to unnecessary & forcefully build contacts with whom I don’t want to? Produces your undercover pictures in a group disposing of tagged without your knowledge? Where a sanitation worker allows you to dump your garbage at your leisure, at least. Then it plays mental games with expectations of checking who has seen, despite not adored you. They formulate a love & hate relationship in a post. They are operating a covert campaign for you without you running for president.

Facebook, hmm, where do I start my story of remorse.

I was a thriving facial reader who facilitates diagnosing someone’s Past, Present and Future. Only by their blink of the eyes; the Mount Everest of their cheeks; or their crooked chin. Which artfully bends opposite to the tilt of your face. Like the pendulum of that grandfather clock. Who was held up by a cuckoo clock where a cuckoo burst every hour playing, an equivalent ratio tango to the time. Those who had a feeble capacity to listen went saved in this trial.

Let’s not lose track on the engagement between the pendulum, cuckoo & noise-free throat infection clocks.

One day, Mark Zuckerberg entered as a client; I foresaw his Past, Present, and Future. All the same, I could not predict his involvement in hypnosis classes. He attacked me with his drill, invaded me and demanded to know — the treatment, my shortcomings and my tunnel route where I go underground when my predictions go poorly.

Then Facebook hand-picked my expanding business. They hijacked my Facebook identity as the name I handled to make my appointments.
I wonder if it was my patient’s plot, my receptionist not getting compensated for long, or my twofold personality who went ahead, giving my Copyright on the name of Facebook to Mark Zuckerberg.

I learned Money’s side effects, which can make you oblivious, memory lapse & intellectually disorganized.

It makes me wondrous regarding the Millionaire & Billionaires index.



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