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Six Men In A Fix

Half Dozen Of Blind Men On A Hugger-Mugger Mission

Shaker Bottle Old Cologne Enjoy In A New Way

It was Six Versus Six at a Zoo.

They were six explorers, and we were further six scanning them in evaluating an elephant.

In some way, they managed themselves on the other side of the fence. It was difficult to predict how they did it. However, the circumstances on the scene disposed of a ladder sloping over the wall. A heavy-duty branch still marked its dominant presence by swinging. One medium-sized terrier conducted to & fro. I calculated in chains of two these six people must have used this hidden paragliding, bungee jumping & hamster terrier way to reach into the cage.

Their sunglasses appeared large, poorly adjusted and dirty on their Facebook. I could immediately tie them up with Gangsters.

Gangsters, an Elephant, and the third part went astray from my brain teaser until I heard what they were chatting forth.

Gangster 1, driving over the Elephant’s Tusker, says I have the treadmill handle.

Gangster 2, possessing the Elephants Trunk, aforesaid, I owned started the battle rope exercise.

Gangster 3, stagecraft the Elephants Ear stated I got a hold of the rock-climbing rig.

Gangster 4, bountifully on a belly rub to the Elephant, said Excuse me, Miss, you seem to be jamming my way.

Gangster 5, on his knees, passionate at the feet of Elephant, said I’m sustaining a heavy dumbbell.

Gangster 6, on the right of possession of Elephant’s tail elevating his arms in saying I’m making out the rod exercise.

I got into my Prada Sunglasses went closer to the fence where I could be loud to them in saying this the Open Air Gym with Elephant Exercise. You all got the wrong idea. Now, maybe you can boot it up a new way.

I quitted the scene thinking what kind of Gyms these Gangsters generally visit. They are Gangsters who must be practicing with wild animals, don’t operate senselessly blind to fear in the manner of us.



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